Party Planner

Party Planning

With the holiday season already on us, there is no excuse not to have a party – on the house, in the office, at the beach…

If you said ‘aye’ to that, get set to plan one right away with the following quick party planner guide

Party Planning

Party checklist

The success of your party depends on early planning; you would need a head start of at least two weeks before the d-day.

  1. Begin by making a list of your invitees. If you are planning a large open house party, it is best to invite a few people more than your original list. It will turn your party into a full house even if some, as is won’t to happen, are not be able to make it owing to last minute issues.
  2. Follow that up by sending out the invitations. With WhatsApp taking over all functions of our everyday life, you could create a special invite that could be forwarded easily. It will also get you quicker response. However, if you intend to stick to a theme and have already decided on one, make sure the invite specifies it.Party Planning
  3. Chalk up the menu for the party. If your guest list contains vegetarians, ensure that the menu has enough dishes to cater to them.
  4. Unless you are sourcing the food from a restaurant or a catering company, you would need to start working on the menu a few days in advance. Some dishes can be made in advance and will save you time on the day of the party.
  5. A week before the party, do your first round of grocery shopping.
  6. Start cooking dishes that can be frozen or chilled at least three days before the party.
  7. Come up with a playlist of popular songs or get a friend to compile them for you a week before the day.
  8. Get your house clean and ready for the party.
  9. Set the party arena a day before. Involve family members in rearranging the furniture to make space for the guests to move around easily. Set the table for starters at a convenient point and have a designated drinks counter.
  10. Decoration will add to the mood of the party and so would some lighting. Get that sorted at least a day in advance. Use candles to create that special warmth in the house. Fresh flowers could help too.
  11. If you are cooking the food for the party, make sure most of the items are ready a day before; any dish that cannot be cooked in advance can be prepped a day before.
  12. Last, but not least, do not forget to inform your neighbours that you have a party and there might be some sounds that are louder than the normal.

Party Planning

Tips to Make Your Party Special


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