A Picture of Health

A Picture of Health

A Picture of HealthA list of ingredients, to whip up a perfectly seasoned life of health and wellness is, seemingly, endless.

A bunch of sprightly workouts

A bowl of green vegetables

A cup of mixed fruits

A handful of proteins and cereals

A scoop of peaceful meditation

A huge dose of outdoors…

The methods, all the more so.

What permutations and combinations work for one may not be relevant for another, for whatever reason – whether it is heredity factors, environment, lifestyle or simply one’s personality. Yet, despite the obvious differences, there are certain health diktats that cut through every kind of difference. They are, rather, universal don’ts, like quit smoking, which knows no demarcations when it comes to adapting a healthy lifestyle. While a healthy lifestyle has certain universal consensus, what is still debatable is where one draws the line.

A Picture of HealthHow much exercise is prescribable for an average man/woman? What are the food requirements to stay in shape? What lifestyle aspects will bring about overall wellness and establish ones healthy status?

In its Good Health Guide, SHA Wellness Clinic, which has a global presence, notes that there is a tendency to ingest excessive spices, which increase levels of sugar in blood, leading to possible diabetes and obesity. Spicy food also weakens the digestive strength. According to SHA nutritionists, ingestion of raw foods, including an excess of sugar-heavy fruits and dates, either fresh or dried, and irregular eating habits also play a major part in digestive woes and the team urge a boost in the consumption of fresh vegetable soups as well as fixed routines for eating times.

They advise the following healthy eating trends that can be easily assimilated into any lifestyle:

  • Replace refined products with natural, organic equivalents
  • Use organic vegetables in order to reap benefits of their nutrients
  • Include whole grains such as millet, rice or buckwheat in diet
  • A Picture of HealthStart the day with a glass of warm water with lemon to release toxins, activate the metabolism and strengthen immune system.
  • Replace coffee with infusions. There are many natural and delicious alternatives such as parsley, green tea, apples, beetroot, leafy greens and chlorella, all of which can be easily made into drinks (smoothies) and infusions to detox the liver, hydrate the body and reduce cholesterol levels
  • Add turmeric, known as the queen of spices, to every meal including soups, rice, pasta and sauces. Rich in curcumin, it may prevent diseases such as arthritis, cancer and Alzheimer’s, as well as being a powerful anti-inflammatory that inhibits infections.
  • Replace processed snacks with healthy home-made snacks. Instead of buying an energy bar in the supermarket, eat fruit, nuts, or make a smoothie.

While these dietary requirements are easy to incorporate into the family’s everyday meals, it is common to experience a sense of ennui with the surplus of information on the Internet. For, when it comes to health, the ‘do this don’t do that’ chorus, invariably, never ends.

But health cannot be dismissed as an overhyped topic…


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