Ale speaks about Tights

Ale Al Zadjale presents his take on the ubiquitous tights…

Maybe I’ve only recently started paying attention to them or maybe it’s because they have actually just started making an appearance again, but tights seem to be everywhere nowadays!

Obviously stoned tights are all the rage and have sort of been done to death; I mean it looks like everyone’s got a pair. Luckily, there are other types and that’s why I think it’s wise for me to give advice on tights (sarcasm.)

Let’s start with fishnet tights – NO! Honestly, they do not look nice, they give people a certain image and it’s even worse when it’s paired with a short dress. Also this new hipster thing where it’s worn under jeans and paired with sneakers is also laughable. Since I’m being negative, please stop pairing skin tone tights with open toe shoes, your toes won’t show and it looks awkward.

Now let’s talk about the classic, black tights. Those look good with everything and I believe they add a touch because you can get them plain or slightly sparkly and glam up! Look at how Rihanna wore them to the Diamond Ball and you’ll understand.

Coloured tights are also great, especially for day looks. You can work a pop of color by investing in a bright pair.

Lastly tights with designs on them, now those can be a visual experience, so long as you don’t mind people staring at your legs trying to decipher the Van Gogh recreation on your tights, then go for it! However, please know that tights aren’t a substitute for pants.

Ale Al Zadjali is a 23 year-old award-winning fashion designer; he is the brain behind the ‘Esque By Ale’ line of clothing



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