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Man Date - Party Ready

If you intend to go shopping for the upcoming holiday season, think beyond the usual shirt-pant affair. You might have reservations about checking into a spa or patronising a salon to treat your skin to some facial or a manicure for your nails, but don’t deny yourself the pleasure of basking in the party glow with right outfit and accoutrements to match.

Let the clothes become an extension of your personality.

Depending on the party theme, go all out to find the outfit that reflects you and complements the party. Although a formal affair requires you to think of several details, it isn’t difficult to put the look together, as you simply toe the established fashion rules. It is the casual spectrum that is wide and left to your imagination. It is here that you can bend the rules, follow your instincts and create a look that is distinctly you.

Man Date - Party ReadyHere are some casual party ideas to get you started:

To begin, understand the occasion and the theme planned by the hosts. Give your wardrobe a quick check to see if it can meet the requirements – if not, go shopping – and see how you could coordinate the different pieces to rock the party. But don’t fall prey to the ‘anything-goes’ idea, as casual parties also have their own style guides. And, don’t forget, your clothes have to reflect your personality, giving you that groomed look.

For a barbecue party

This is, obviously, an informal party; probably a get-together with friends and you may be tempted not to think twice about what to wear or not to wear. But with weather quickly donning its winter garb, you would have to consider the dip in the temperature in the evenings. If it is a lunch party in a garden, you could easily make do with stylish chino shorts and may be a denim shirt. Top it with sneakers or leather sandals. For the evening, your best bet would be a pair of jeans, a neat tee and a cardigan or even a light sweater. Don’t forget your belt and a pair of loafers.

For a beach affair

What better time than December to plan a beach party. This one calls for a carefree look, which, again, requires a little planning. Wear one of your printed shirts and think bold. If you are wearing a plain tee, complement it with colourful or even printed shorts. Carry along your sunglasses and make it stylish with a hat.

For a smart dinner do

A smart dress code calls for a more formal touch. Man Date - Party ReadyRead ‘smart’ as a party suit. While a grey suit would work well for the dinner, you might want to think beige or khaki for the lunch. And, if you can carry a slim fit shirt, go on; pick one that can accentuate your suit. A turtleneck tee or a sweater could also work with the weather opening up options; top that with a blazer. You would also require to find a belt that fits the colour combination and a pair of leather shoes to complete the look.

For a casual party

Most casual dinner invites do not specify a dress code, giving you a free berth to rock the look in your favourite style. But then, do not forget it is the holiday season and even a casual one requires you to assemble a party look. A t-shirt is fine and you could pick a slim fit one, that is, if the body doesn’t groan under the fitting. Complete it with a pair of dark jeans or the trendy chino pants; even stylish sweatpants are fine. A jacket will help you to stick to the weather dictates.

More tips for casual parties


Right, you can never go wrong with a ‘right’ pair of jeans.Man Date - Party Ready Jeans spell casual like nothing else… The key, however, is in picking a pair that is just right for your body and your distinct personality. Although jeans do come across as the most quintessential piece of outfit, a sharp eye for fashion will bring out the difference in each one. Do not consider baggy jeans as your casual party attire; they come with their own list of dos and don’ts, as most are not as comfortable as they claim to be. It is also best to avoid those distressed and ripped varieties, as also the ones that have logos in attention-grabbing areas.


While jeans have that eternal casual look, chinos have that perfect casual yet groomed look. They come in colours that can complement your formal shirt or even a stylish tee and you are good to go for any informal party. According to style gurus, having at least one pair in khaki or grey colour can upgrade your wardrobe instantly.


Your t-shirt collection might include an array of graphic affairs that reflect your beliefs and your fun quotient, but they have no place at a party. Think mature when you pick your t-shirt for the party in question. Opt for solid, one-colour t-shirt; even striped ones are great.


It is the weather for jackets and you will do yourself, rather your wardrobe a whole lot of good by investing in a blazer or even a leather jacket. The idea is to flatter your look by layering. Simply adding layers can make your outfit look interesting and appealing. A jacket can turn your most casual jeans and tee affair into a stylish one.

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