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“It is not just about printed flex banners anymore. Things are changing…” observes Sukaina Haider Moosa, MD of Suza Events, as she talks about the shifting event management horizon in the country. Clients are seeking newer and modern styles and creative twists in their parties/events, she maintains, pointing out that technology is emerging as the biggest trend in putting an even together. This, however, places the onus on being innovative in every aspect of the event, which Suza is equipped to handle, she adds.

SuzaSuza Events, which has grown in strength and stature, since it began operations over 7-years ago as a one-man show, has its presence in the neighbouring Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and has to its credit shows and exhibitions in Qatar, Al Ain and Berlin. It was Sukaina’s love and passion for organising events that has helped her shape the fortunes of her company. Recalling those early days, she says, “I worked day and night, putting everything together in a very small office, which is turned into my store now. But I believe it is not where you started from that is important; it is about what you want to be and where you want to reach.”

It was her passion for creativity and her determination to keep abreast the international and Dubai markets that helped her propel Suza to its current position. Her eyes are trained on the global scenario when it comes to research and survey, which have helped her constantly upgrade the success quotient. “I have always been studying the latest trends in the market, especially when it comes to technology in events,” she maintains. Towards this end, Sukaina also attends event management shows along with team members, to get a grip on things happening around the world.

Team work

Having understood the importance of enlisting right team members to handle various aspects of event management, she did not think twice about expanding her team and hiring professionals, even when others in the market were shying away from the prospect, owing to a slowdown in the economy. Suza“We were always positive and always optimistic that things would happen in our favour, and Oman will always be growing… And that is exactly what is happening. We are not only working in the local market, but we have projects running in Abu Dhabi and in Dubai. We also did an exhibition in Al Ain, recently, wherein we had 63 exhibitors at a five-day exhibition. It was very successful; I was also showcased in Ain Al Emirate magazine. Recently, we did the Levante Maserati launch in Oman, which was the best in the region and, consequently, we were selected to do it also in Qatar. We are the only, rather one of the few event companies that has so much experience out of the country,” she explains.

With operations in Dubai since the last two years, they have no problems in sourcing materials, even at the last minute.

According to her, it is the family bonding that she has established with her team mates that has helped her carve a niche in the local as well as the regional market. “I ensure that they are happy, but I do put them under pressure when it comes to work. I am a tough, but flexible boss,” she quips.

Talking about Suza’s business portfolio, she says, “Our core business is corporate events. But we do high-end weddings and private parties, as we are looking at niche audience. We cannot take most of the wedding requests due to their budget constraints.” This is especially disconcerting, she adds, when clients demand creative ideas, but aren’t willing to match the money involved. The challenge, however, is when clients require proposals in a day, not realising that presenting concepts and creative ideas requires time. It becomes overtly stressful when the actual scope of work is changed at the last minute, she adds.


Calling herself a taskmaster, she says being strict and following it through with the plan/schedule of the event is key for the success. SuzaHer other guidelines include creating technical drawings to apprehend the requirements and ensure they are produced in the way it was planned, followed by cleanliness. “Often, cleaning of the venue is forgotten by the agency handling the event. Even before the show starts, it is important to supervise cleanliness of, say the panels used, as they usually come from the workshop with the dust intact. It is these little details that make the difference in any event,” she states.

Holiday season

Celebrating different festivals, no matter where you come from, is what Sukaina believes in personally; one that she has incorporated in her professional conduct too. Whether it is the Prophet’s birthday or Christmas, putting up decorations in the office, organising fun contests is great, she notes, pointing out that they even had group dance competitions among the staff of Suza for an earlier festival.

Colourful decorations have a way of spreading cheer; even slight change in the office décor and setup can do wonders to the team morale, she opines, adding to that little gifts or goodies to create positivity among the employees.

This can be applied to home parties too. Talking about her plans for the Prophet’s birthday, she says, “We will have a lot of green décor and red flowers around; we will buy prayer mats for everybody in the house and have a special festive meal with family and friends… even sing some inspirational songs to remind our children of the special day. This concept can be taken to any festival, like Christmas with tree, gifts and special lunch.”

Sukaina truly believes that if you look at things in a beautiful way it will turn beautiful and it will help you grow.

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