Bespoke Audi

Tailor-made Audi R8

Each year, Audi sells close to two million vehicles. But some of them are sold only once – as individual vehicles for a unique personality.

Emirati National Saif Al Salman embarked on a journey to give his Audi R8 this special personal touch – a tailor-made vehicle that is unique and an experience that was beyond Al Salman’s expectations. The Emirati is a loyal Audi customer for more than twelve years, so when he decided to buy the new Audi R8 he knew he was looking for a bespoke vehicle. “I wanted to explore something beyond the great experience I had with the brand so far and it was clear to me that I wanted to go the bespoke route”, he says.

He decided on a distinctive purple color – something unique, elegant but not too loud. Every Audi is intrinsically exclusive. But for customers who want to express their own particular individuality, Audi Sport GmbH offers an exceptionally multifaceted range of choices.


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