Big Cheese Box offer from Pizza Hut 

Utterly delicious cheese is the overarching theme of a scrumptious new offering unveiled recently by Pizza Hut. The Big Cheese Box, available until October 31, is simply an opportunity for family and friends to come together and tuck into some of Pizza Hut’s choicest cheese-based delights. Taking centre stage in the outsized box is a large cheesy-bites pizza – a signature offering from Pizza Hut complete with its distinctive outer ring of cheese filled rolls.  The stuffed crust pizza is a huge favourite with Pizza Hut’s local clientele, as well as with expatriate customers. Adding to the excitement are sizable helpings of parmesan fries and cheddar pops, suitably rounded off with two dips. Available on dine-in, takeaway and home delivery options, the Big Cheese Box, priced at RO 6 per box (excluding taxes), represents value for money. For an additional 500bzs, the Big Cheese Box comes with a 2.25lt bottle of Pepsi for delivery and takeaway options, while dine-in patrons enjoy four glasses of the refreshing beverage instead.


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