BP Oman’s ‘Khazzan Young Leaders’ Programme

A pioneering initiative implemented by BP Oman and Oman Sail has entered a new phase of unlocking the potential of young talents in the Sultanate. Implemented and set to run until March 2018, the new phase of the Khazzan Young Leaders’ Programme has been engineered to provide participants with the skillsets that enable them to embark on successful employment paths. This will be achieved through delivery of three days of experiential learning and outdoor activities. Complementing academic studies, the richly rewarding programme extracts participants from their comfort zones, instilling key wider skills that prepare them for the workplace. Since October, a number of sessions have already been conducted for 39 male students from Ibri College of Applied Sciences, 88 male students and 95 female students from Ibri Technical College and 59 students from Shinas Technical College.


Advanced Public Trials at the New Muscat International Airport 

The new Muscat International Airport started the first advanced public trials last month to simulate a ‘real airport experience’ by going through a number of airport-procedure scenarios, such as checking in, handling baggage, finding your gate or imitating an emergency evacuation. Together with Oman Airport Management Company’s strategic partners, Muscat International Airport aims to test-drive the terminals’ facilities and services, through a series of trials, to ensure the full readiness of all of the airport operations, as well as the satisfaction of the passengers. The advanced trials are to be conducted on a bi-weekly basis, with diverse scenarios and a growing number of volunteer passengers each week; starting with groups of 100 persons and growing to 3000 persons for any given trial.


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