Camp it up


When outdoor spells fun and camping translates as pampering, the obvious denominator is the chosen campground.

Have an eyeful of some of the super exclusive and expensive campgrounds around the world; the one’s that are designed to cater to folks who want to plug in their outdoor quest with rest and relaxation, in tents that are bigger than average apartments and are primped with amenities that are on par with five star hotels.



Golden Triangle

In Northern Thailand’s lush bamboo jungles is the Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle, which has earned repute for its uber luxury as well as outdoor activities that include elephant treks through the bamboo jungles and the mountain passes. The trek is followed by a 90-minute massage. Located in Chiang Rai, close to Southern Burma and Western, Laos, the tents feature huge decks, hot tubs, customised bathtubs and outdoor showers.

Price: $2467 (per night)


Longitude 131°

Australia’s Longitude 131° is the camp to be for a wholesome sensorial experience. Overlooking the sacred Monte Uluru, the most iconic elements of the Australian outback, the camp, featuring 15 luxury tents, is designed to create a perfect harmony between the nature and human luxuries. The floor-to-ceiling windows in the main lodge present some of the best day views, while the lofty canopy of individual tents open up to the night sky.

Price: $2400 (per night)

Wilderness Resort

The Clayoquot Wilderness, a rustic resort in Vancouver Island, is only accessible via a private charter plane or a boat ride, adding to the allure of the campsite. Designed to reflect both modern and vintage elements in the décor, the resort is arranged amidst the nature’s grandeur of pine forests and peaks. Occupants have the liberty to create their own outdoor adventure – whether it is scuba diving, fishing, horseback riding or simply getting a massage and the requisite pampering. Activity options also include yoga classes, kayaking, and archery among a host of others. Hiking and fishing expeditions, where guests can guests can plunge deep into the wilderness, are on the top of the popularity list.

Price: $3900 (per night)

Entamanu Ngorongoro

Described as an epic campsite, Tanzania’s Entamanu Ngorongoro reflects the nomadic cultures of surrounding villages. It is about 200kms from Arusha, where most adventure seekers start their exploration of Northern Tanzania. Mongolian yurts and traditional Meru tents are some of the highlights of the décor elements used within the camp, while the outdoors is reserved for panoramic views of Tanzania – from the Ngorongoro Crater to the southern Serengeti.

Price: From $1,235 (per person per night)

Chiawa Camp

For those seeking to season the camping trip with a safari experience, the Chiawa Camp in Lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia is the best bet. It is regarded as Africa’s finest safari operation, where guests can go on guided safari tours and hunting trips; or go canoeing and fishing. Dining it also made special with a sundeck that looks out on the entire national park.

Price: $1300 (per night)

Paws Up

Right in the middle of the 37,000-acre estate, hemmed by rugged Montana, is the luxury Resort at Paws Up, offering the most exclusive resort ranch experience in Montana. There are 28 luxury cabins and homes, alongside uber-luxury tents, which are nestled within a forest of tall timbers. These overlook a panorama of meadows, rivers and creeks, with the picturesque mountains in the backdrop.

Price: $1690 (per night)

Minaret Station

The luxury campground of Minaret Station in New Zealand is only accessible by helicopters. The tents, made out of sheepskin, are equipped with a king size bed, private deck and hot tubs and the outdoors are made interesting with activities that include hiking, wild game viewing, helicopter tours, fly fishing, skiing and hunting trips with guides along.

Price: $1176 (per night)



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