Canons, Ramparts and Windows with a View at a Fort

Muttrah Fort

The renovated Muttrah Fort, which was opened to the public earlier last year, is a must-visit destination to experience the panoramic beauty of the Corniche area and unravel a chapter of the country’s interesting past

Muttrah FortWelcome to the Muttrah Fort; the striking landmark on the popular Muttrah-Corniche road. It is an eye-catching fixture that demands a closer look to revel in its time captured romance; to feel history resonating in its ramparts and get an eyeful of the Corniche area.

Located in a bylane off the busy Muttrah district, the Fort entryway opens, unobtrusively, on to the service road, as if its intent is to blend with the background and continue its role as a sentinel of all that it surveys from the top.

The sweeping entrance leads one to the staircase, which could seem a tad too daunting if fitness and agility are not ones strong points. But then, a quick look at the façade of the Fort is enough to convince one to shake away that inertia and climb up to enjoy the visual delight of Muttrah’s seascape, the busy road below and the blue skyline of Oman.

Muttrah FortThere is history trapped within the precincts of the Fort. Although renovated to make it accessible for the public, there is an otherworldly feeling of about the structure that makes one wonder if one has not trespassed into another time zone. The earthy texture of the façade, the bare walls, the rugged wooden frames and the smell of a bygone era in the rooms located on the lower level are enchanting, demanding long pauses to reach out and feel history throbbing in its sanctum.

The intricate structure gives it a maze-like feeling, with little rooms opening up to more, one of which, apparently, was a dungeon. With every part of the Fort packed with history, there is not much left to ones imagination, yet, a whimsical mind could easily whip up a scene from the past to add drama in those spaces.

Muttrah FortWhile the canons and the vantage position of the Fort indicate its significant role in guarding the coast and demonstrate Muttrah’s defining position in the times gone by, it is its singular structure, as it straddles the mountain that creates awe. The structure is not grandiose nor could it be classified as an example of architectural marvel, but what sets it apart amidst its quaint surroundings is its oneness with the nature. As if the mountain has its arms draped around the Fort, like a friend with who one shares a camaraderie that goes long back.

Muttrah FortThe ramparts around the Fort are designed to lead one to the top where all the senses are bound to get treated. The visually gratifying view of the Corniche, the dulled sounds of traffic on the busy road below, the cool breeze of the sea caressing one and the indescribable feeling of connecting with nature.


Muttrah FortWhether it is history that beckons one, the visual glory that draws or simply the must-visit chant that pushes one to track places of interest, Muttrah Fort, with its easy access and convenient position, calls for a long rendezvous.


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