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Jim Carrey’s cup of allegations

Following accusations from his former girlfriend’s mother and lawyer that he was responsible for the death of Cathriona White, Carrey has unleashed allegations of extortion. He is fighting back against accusations that he was responsible for the death by suicide of his former girlfriend Cathriona. Carrey’s attorney has filed a cross-complaint against White’s mother, Brigid Sweetman, and husband, Mark Burton, who blame Carrey for her 2015 death. Carrey’s lawyer has claimed that the lawsuit is nothing more than an attempt to exploit the public vulnerability of a famous actor.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel to divorce?

According to an entertainment magazine, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are on the verge of a $300 million divorce. The report speculates that the couple’s marriage is in jeopardy, as they are fighting over the kids and their career priorities. The rumours came about following the Emmys, as Timberlake decided to perform at Rock in Rio, instead of accompanying Biel, who was a presenter at the Emmys. This was seen as a sure sign of trouble in the marriage. But the two have since been seen together at other concerts, and sources have pushed the rumours aside saying Timberlake had committed to the performance at Rock much before Biel was asked to play a role at the Emmys.

Kate Winslet wanted to be a hairdresser

If Winslet’s initial experiment with hairdressing had turned out right, she would have, probably, pursued that as a career. She told Jimmy Fallon on ‘The Tonight Show’, recently, that if it wasn’t for an incident that saw her actually snipping a piece of a family friend’s ear, she would have become a hairdresser. As a young girl she was driven by the idea of becoming hairdresser, even cutting her own hair. But things went completely wrong when a family friend allowed her to cut his hair and she, accidentally, cut off a piece of his ear.

Demi Lovato’s collaboration with Lil Wayne

For Demi Lovato, working with Lil Wayne was ‘a dream come true’. Gushing over the collaboration, which sees the rapper performing in Demi’s sixth studio album, ‘Tell Me You Love Me’, she told fans at a private album launch earlier this week that she always wanted to collaborate with him. “My album has Lil Wayne on it, and the inner-hip-hop wannabe star that I am is freaking out. My inner-rapper is going crazy.”


Katrina Kaif wants to star in Game Of Thrones

Bollywood star Katrina Kaif has expressed her desire to be a part of the cast of much-talked about television series, Game Of Thrones. She is a Jon Snow fan and wants to be a part of the global blockbuster, according to her post on her social media account. Sharing a picture of her photo shoot for the brand Vogue, Katrina wrote, “Can I be in #gameofthrones pleeeeeasseee… #ilovejonsnow #pleasetakemeintheshow #moodyandbroodingismything @luismonteirophotography @anaitashroffadajania @vogueindia.” Now her fans want to see her play the role of Khaleesi aka Danaerys Targaryen.


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