A ‘Modern Premium’ Affair with Santa Fe

The third generation of Hyundai Santa Fe brings ‘Modern Premium’ to the SUV segment It’s chunky and full of verve. It’s fluid and noticeably striking. It’s practical and absolutely premium. Welcome to the world of Hyundai Santa Fe. Hyundai Santa Fe with its core product concepts being ‘Refinement’, ‘Smartness’ and ‘Practicality’, is becoming a hit in the SUV market, with its whole new class of luxury and comfort –...

Ahem…it’s the new TIGUAN

  From the busy Muscat roads to the stunning locales of Jabal Akhar, the new Tiguan personified its tagline - ‘Expect some attention’   It was more than ‘some’ attention that our SUV earned on our long test drive to the luxurious Alila Jabal Akhdar. We wore our unsuppressed smug expressions as we caught other road users giving our Tiguan a...

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Rain, will you shower this last February weekend?

Dusky clouds hovering along the skyline with promises of cool breeze, maybe even a long-awaited shower, have set the tone for this last February...