Colour Talk


Oft times, getting ready for a formal meeting or a social do is all about pairing your outfit in right colour combinations say Sophia Raman – Director, FACES. 

Finding the right colour combination in your outfit can seem to be a chore if your wardrobe is a mix of several bold colours. But with little experimentation and some tips from fashion experts, you could get the mix right.

One quick guide to follow is to keep the colours within the family – that means pastels with pastels, earthy tones with, yes, earthy tones and jewel tones with jewel tones. But if you are open to bold colours and love to indulge in experiments, rely on the colour wheel to find colours that complement each other. These are, often, colours that are distinctly opposite – like black and white, which perfectly complement each other. One rule of thumb to follow is to understand that every colour has a complementary colour. Take a look at the standard colour wheel to check which colours are at the same distance from the centre of the wheel. There is also a very neat and appealing touch in outfits that combine different shades of the same colour.

Some of the colour combinations to try:

  • Greens and yellows of different shades and textures can be combined, depending on your taste for warm and cool tones.
  • Pale blue and pink speak in subtle tones, but they can be eye catching when styled right.
  • Red and blue is a transformational pairing that can turn even a casual look into a bright one.
  • Tan and maroon is right if you get the shades that complement your personality.
  • Orange and black can give your outfit a neat lift.
  • Orange and blue could also rock your look if you choose burnt orange with darker navy blue.
  • Pink and grey is a very versatile combination.


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