If travel is on your mind but destination is iffy, check out the travel trends that are expected to spur the travel industry in the New Year

Come, travel the world Off-beat destinations

Travel experts, watching social media posts of itinerant users, have noted that the focus will be on remote places that offer exciting new experiences. There is, apparently, an increasing shift towards destinations that do not feature in the popularity chart; these are off-beat, remote places that have been made popular by social media. Some of the destinations that will come under the travel scanner include Tulum (Mexico), Scarborough, Reykjavik (Iceland), Levanto (Italy), Scottish Highlands, Ethiopia, Bhutan, Paraguay, Kazakhstan and even destinations like the Sarawak Rainforest Music Festival in Borneo and India’s remote north-eastern region. Even in Europe, destinations like Belarus, Cyprus, Moldova and Poland are gaining popularity.


Come, travel the world Solo travel

Travelling alone is not a new trend altogether, but it is set to rule the travel sector with Google searches indicating a big increase in ‘solo travel’. Tour and travel companies have given this growing interest a new shape by crafting travel products that cater to solo travellers.


Come, travel the world Family affair

With the family dynamics changing with times, the focus of the travel industry is on giving single-parent families tour packages that suit their requirements. That, in the broader context, refers to deals that are no more restricted to two-parent families.


Come, travel the world Multi-generational trips

Travel industry is making way for grandparent-grandchildren vacations, presenting interesting new ways for multi-generational connect. Besides, such trips are expected to give parents the break they seek from the daily chores of parenting.


Come, travel the world

Adventure travel

For reasons best known to travel addicts, the concept of adventure travel is fast shifting from adrenaline pumping activities to intellectually enhancing new cultural experiences. This could range from food adventure tours to trips that focus on local craftsmen.


Come, travel the world Winter vacation

The traditional concept of summer vacation might see a change of fortunes, as people demonstrate an increasing interest to travel during the winter season and, curiously, not to destinations that are warmer. Interestingly also, more travellers are booking to partake in winter festivals that happen around the world.


Come, travel the world Canada calling

As Canada gains popularity in the list of international travel destinations, 2018 is expected to push the numbers to record level. Like China a year ago, the New Year will see tourism to Canada growing exponentially.


Come, travel the world Middle East beckons

There is something about the Middle East, which explains its recent boost in the travel sector. The World Tourism Organisation has also noted that the Middle East is the fastest-growing travel region in the world.



Come, travel the world Wellness factor

With health and fitness gaining priority in the recent years, travel companies are gearing up for newer demands by introducing tailor-made packages targeting physical health and mental wellness of their clients.


Come, travel the world Latin America for wildlife

Africa is not the only destination for wildlife. Although it still ranks in the popularity count for travellers seeking to checkout wildlife from up close, Latin America’s conservation field is also becoming important for wildlife tourists. The region has a whole lot of wildlife activity to attract tourists.


Come, travel the world Achievement-related travel

Achievement-related travel is a new high for frequent travellers, who have done that and been there. The goal would be to rely on travel to help ‘find oneself’, and the destination would be chosen according to its credentials to present an experience that can be equalled with an achievement – say like climbing Mt Kilimanjaro.


Come, travel the world Longer trips

Take time. That is basically the idea behind the new long trips trend, which urges travellers to take time to explore the places they visit. The trips are expected to be at least two-weeks long, presenting altogether new avenues and options to get to know the chosen destination better.

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