‘Coronation’ exhibition is a result of Gallery Sarah’s desire to offer art lovers and
collectors a wider artistic perspective

Gallery Sarah is a place to experience extraordinary and artistic elements in an environment that encourages discovery and conversation. In an age of virtual reality, Gallery Sarah reasserts the role of the gallery as a space to have dialogue with the community – in person.

The ongoing Coronation exhibition at the Gallery marks the opening of an international home for artists. The group show is a celebration of rich diversity and talent, including works by established artists at their peak, as well as those who are beginning to make their mark in the art world.

The works on display from contemporary artists around the world – Oman, Syria, Tunisia, India, Lebanon, Russia, and US and UK – include calligraphy, abstract, realistic, landscape and surrealist, among a host of inspired pieces that explore unconventional painting techniques, such as mixed media and multi-patterned paintings. Shapes and lines are driving forces in the extraordinary works of Omani artist Bakri and Al Madny whose artwork is well known as ‘Calligrafitti’.

Gallery Sarah is also hosting the works of Indian artist Dilip Oinam, who sent his works from India to Oman in record time.

Participants of the exhibition include Madny al Bakry, Sana Al Yahmadi, Mohammed Al Hajri, Asma Al Harthi, Saleh Al Alawi, Raya Al Manji, Adnan Al Raisi, Juma Al Harthi, Sultan Al Defaei, Sharifa Al Marhubi, Fakharataj Al Ismaily, Hafsa Al Tamimi, Enaam
Ahmad, Issa Al Mafraji, Laila Al Najjar, Nadia Al Balushi, Abdullmajeed Karooh, Naieema Al Maimani, Said Al Alawi, Tahira Fida, Anna Dudchenko and Mohammed Al Mamari – from Oman; resident artists Julian Mullineux from UK, Ayman Humaira and Shatha Ghassan from Syria, Nathalie Dernaika, Lebanon, Alma De Ville, Bosnia, Deborah D’onofrio, US, Dilip Oinam (India), and Amira Khouildi (Tunisia).

Located in the historical part of Old Muscat and part of the Bait Al Zubair Museum complex, Gallery Sarah is a unique contemporary art gallery. The gallery exhibits artworks including, but not limited to paintings, graphics, calligraphy, installations, sculpture and photography. Apart from trying to create a strong connection between established and emerging Omani artists and the international art world, Gallery Sarah also supports and has an appreciation for work by a wide variety of talented Arab artists from around the Gulf and international artists.

The Coronation exhibition will be on display till the 20th of September.


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