Cuffed and Linked  

Metaphorically speaking, cufflinks do not qualify as aces up, rather bottom of, the sleeve; but if you have one of these statement pieces to hold the sleeves together, you would have well aced your look for the day.

On a fashion scale, the choice of accessories for men may be limited to, say, a watch, a statement bracelet or a tie-clip, but the ones who have nurtured refined tastes for all things style would know that the expressive cufflinks enjoy an elevated status on the dressing table. It is what a gentleman makes…

It is possibly the smallest item in the accessory box, unless you have opted for the grandiose ones that grip the sleeves in a large clamp. Unlike the tie clip or the bracelet that easily draws others’ attention, cufflinks may hardly be visible unless you steeple your fingers on the table. But it’s a classic rendition of the gentlemanly look that has endeared through the times, with modern man finding his style quotient in designer links that spell money, prestige and, of course, style.

Interestingly, cufflinks have not been made for the formal wear alone; style gurus have turned them into versatile items to up your style quotient with ease. While the readymade shirts are, commonly, designed with buttons to hold the sleeves together, you could get it tailored with the cuff holes or shop in an exclusive men’s fashion boutique, which houses formal shirts with the requisite stops for cufflinks.

Here are some exclusive (read expensive) cufflinks from around the world:

Emerald cut

A little bling never hurt anyone…but the price just might. These $4,195,000 Emerald Cut Canary Diamond Octagon cufflinks from Jacob & Co have earned the tag of one of the most expensive links in the world. The cufflinks are crafted from 18-carat white gold, with canary yellow diamonds (20 and 21 carat) making up the centrepiece. Additionally, they are surrounded by 10.76 carats of white diamond baguettes and also feature a diamond encrusted whale flip-back closure. Price: $4,195,000

Rifle it up

Givenchy’s Phoenix is a metallic jewel, featuring steel bits extracted from firearms. Launched by the jewellery company ‘Foundrie 47’, which later collaborated with Givenchy to produce the Phoenix Collection, the cufflinks are designed to reflect, as the designer notes, ‘budding possibilities’. The look and feel of the cufflinks is masculine, with the jaded metal tint enhancing the exclusivity. The rose pedestal base of each cufflink is sourced from the steel of AK47 rifles; it is adorned with 47 diamonds and inlaid with an 18-carat gold coating. Price: $70,000

Diamond buttons

If you are a Harry Winston man you would understand the importance of incorporating diamonds in your accessories, like the Diamond Button cufflinks. Designed by Thom Browne, the cufflinks have as many as 220 round diamonds of about 1.37 carats, which are placed in an 18-carat white gold setting. Price: $33,976


Panther cuffs

Exotic panthers are a part of the Panthère de Cartier cufflinks. Although Cartier’s cufflinks range from minimalist designs to sparkling decorative ones, it is the figurative motifs like this panther one that make it such a coveted choice. The Panthère de Cartier cufflinks are in 18-carat yellow gold, with diamond pave (the precious stones are placed so closely that no metal shows), emerald eyes and onyx nose. Price: $30,440

A Fabergé

If you have heard of the great Peter Carl Fabergé, who was the goldsmith to the Russian Imperial Court, you would know why these cufflinks are so very exclusive. The Fabergé Stanislav cufflinks are made with white round diamonds that are set in 18-carat rose gold. Inspired by the cufflinks, dress-sets and famous cigarette cases created by Fabergé in the early 20th century, the Stanislav design is crafted to redefine the age of opulence. Price: $16,043

Sapphire & Sterling

This is a limited edition offer from Tateossian, which feature cabochon sapphire insets in star-shaped links. Described as timely yet timeless, it is unique in more ways than one as it pairs sterling silver with semi-precious stones, Swarovski Elements, in addition to fibre optic glass. Designed by Robert Tateossian, who is known as the ‘King of Cuff Links’, this collection features only 25 sets. Price: $2,424


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