Deck the Halls

House decorations

Bring out the holiday decorations; pull out those miniature lights and the paper stars. It’s the season to be jolly. The season to deck the halls, the doors and the windows…

If this is the first time you are observing holiday season or if you have discarded the decorations used the previous year, here is a little guide to help you adorn your home for the season on a budget.

Let’s start from the front door… A wreath on the door is perhaps the most symbolic piece of decoration for the season. And, interestingly, you can make one yourself with supplies that are easily available in your home. You might require some seasonal embellishments to give it that special touch; otherwise, all that you require is a base to work on. You could use wiring material on a metal structure or use a foam base – whichever is convenient. From here, it is only your imagination that will limit the options. You could turn it into a family keepsake by incorporating little souvenirs and even buttons and beads.

House decorationsContinue your holiday décor to the interiors. If you have a spacious entryway, or if it leads to a staircase, strike a balance by decorating the guard rails with string lights. It will create the holiday magic that you have been seeking.

The entryway could also be your candy store place. Use a side table to hold a bowl of Christmas candies to treat anyone who enters/leaves your home during the holiday season. If you plan on making Christmas cookies and sweetmeats, keep a platter loaded with the goodies on the centre table.

House decorationsNow move to the main sitting room, where all the family members would be spending most of the time together. Depending on your budget and the height of the ceiling, pick your Christmas tree from the hypermarket close to you – if you haven’t, already. When making space to install the tree, remember to ensure that it isn’t obstructing the main furniture pieces or blocking the showcase. It is best to place it towards one end of the room, where it will get immediate attention, while not interfere with the proceedings of the room.

How you decorate your Christmas tree is, on all counts, a personal choice, but the tree is not your only resource for the seasonal décor. Do not forget the windows, which can act as your display panel for decorative pieces that can work alone, without the support of the tree.

Decorating tips to enhance the look


House decorationsHoliday season or otherwise, candles never fail to enhance the mood of everyone at home. You could pick tea light candles from any home furnishing outlet in the capital and find creative candle holders to add to the warmth. Not surprisingly, even items lying around your kitchen could act as candle holders, making it a very homey affair. Do not forget to add a few scented candles to the array. If you are using pillar candles, get hold of colourful ribbons to decorate it in seasonal flavours. You could use holiday motifs or the velvet ones to add a glamorous touch.


Spruce up your living space with trimmings that immediately give your room a Christmassy feeling. If you are short on ideas, simply string Christmas cards and hang them around the room. Use clothespins or clips to hang the cards and add a twist to your decoration. Your dining table could also do with some trimmings and spread the mood to different parts of the house.

House decorationsLighting

Miniature lights have a very festive appeal. You could wrap your stair railing, the Christmas tree and even the windows with colourful lights that blink in accordance to your mood to infuse the ambience with festive cheer.



It is Christmas and you have all the reasons to hang wreaths even inside. Use vantage points in the living room or give the windows the wreath touch.

Make the holiday decoration a family affair and let the season soak you in love and camaraderie.

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