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FACES columnist Ale Al Zadjali urges readers to go out and discover the Fashion pieces that complement their personality.

My name is Ale Al Zadjali and I have something to say. Designer labels have messed up fashion!

I’m done with university and with a freed up schedule I’ve made time for a more active social life. From events to casual outings it’s amusing to see how people will bend over backwards for others to notice their designer wear. The biggest reason always is that it shows that you lead a lavish lifestyle.

PS: It doesn’t, it really doesn’t. Your personality, your traits, your status would need to match up and, if the shoulders don’t match the hips…act a fool.

I encourage people to go out and discover the pieces they identify with. The accessories that work aren’t Swarvoski or Pandora, it can literally be from a costume store; you just have to be able to rock it like its Versace and Gianni came back from death just to design it for you.

The mall is a great place and, if you are limited to just Muscat, then we have four big money ones and even more smaller scale ones and an exhibition popping up every other week. Walk into every store without a set perception of it and check out the aisles. You never know what piece will ‘call your name’.

We, as humans, are literally spoiled for choice when it comes to retail, so why should we limit our options?

Ale Al Zadjali is a 23 year-old award-winning fashion designer; he is the brain behind the ‘Esque By Ale’ line of clothing.


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