DIY Headboards

Give your bedroom a fresh new look with easy DIY headboard projects

Rustic Headboard

Creating a wooden headboard does require some carpentry skill, but it is not something that you need to get trained for. Simply get the main items from any of the local carpenters and do the final assembling at home. But if holding a hammer to a nail is definitely out of your league, give this idea to the carpenter and get your rustic wooden headboard to add that panache to your bedroom. Look for wood that has a rustic appeal or find out if the carpenter can give the wood the treatment you prefer. Ideally, you require boards that are straight but have cracks and knots that give it a natural flair; you also need to build two legs for the headboard. Once the boards are ready – cut depending on the size of your bed post – start attaching them on to the ‘legs’ of the headboard with nails or wood glue. Beginning at the top of the headboard, continue attaching the boards till you reach the required level.

Faux Cover

When budget does not permit a new bed, all that you need to do is give the headboard a simple slipcover to change the very look of your bedroom. The slipcover gives you the choice to select the design and colour to match the décor in the room. All that you need is sewing skill; but, again, you could overcome that with some assistance from your neighbourhood tailor. There are several online resources to find the DIY slipcover project that will meet your requirements and the style you have in mind. The idea is to give the headboard an all new look by covering it up like you would cover the pillows on your bed. You could even use glue to attach the seams together and adorn little ribbons or ties, depending on your fancy. To make it more special, add a monogram to the slipcover.

Alternately, try using a curtain panel as a headboard. All that you need is a curtain rod on the wall above the bed to hang the curtain of your choice.

Picture Frames

Personalise the headboard with old picture frames. You could use photographs or simply use the frames as canvases to write sweet messages or place decorative pictures. This could turn into an interesting project with some online help in creating a headboard with picture frames picked from the neighbourhood thrift shop, or home made with available material. If the headboard you are working on is for your child’s bed, you could use those frames to spell out words like ‘sweet dreams’, as one online DIY project demonstrates. It could simply be your child’s name or photographs from your album. To make it extra special, paint the frames or stick to a theme to add to the look of your headboard.

Shelves for Cover

A shelf for headboard is perfect if you are someone who spends a large amount of time in the bedroom, not necessarily to sleep. You could store your reading material, your electronic tablet or your notebook in the shelves to make your bed a handy place. You could structure a bookcase into the headboard or even use those easy to fix floating shelves to hold your little bedroom essentials, picture frames and decorative items.

Dramatic Overture

A little drama never hurt anyone; but if you thrive in a dramatic ambience, it is best to seek out a headboard that upholds your penchant. Instead of confining the headboard only to the space behind your bed, go liberal and let the drama unfold on the entire wall behind. While a wooden or panelled headboard will never fail, especially on an extended wall; you could even explore the ceiling to add to the drama.

Go ahead; give your headboard a facelift.


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