Enter the Smart Kitchen

With Internet of Things geared to alter the way we live and commute, ‘Smart’ has become the new rule than the exception – encompassing every aspect of our lives, even the kitchen.

The concept of smart kitchen is not just about the quintessential room in a smart home. It is all that and more; it’s about smarter design, smarter food sourcing, smarter storage and smarter preparation. It is another facet of the connected home tech that we have been hearing in a long time.

Here are a few that are designed to give your home that futuristic look …

Sous vide machine

Sous vide is a cooking technique that utilises precise temperature control to deliver consistent results. With high-end restaurants making it an important part of their kitchens, it wasn’t seen as an everyday home product, until recently. Things have changed, rather become smart, with manufacturers making it an affordable item. These machines have become essential now as they allow food to retain more flavours, as food is cooked slowly in an airtight bag under circulating water at low temperatures.


Smart slow cooker

The crock-pot smart slow cooker, enabled with WeMo, allows you to adjust your cooking settings even when you are not in the kitchen. The WeMo app lets you check on the temperature and the cooking time and also change the settings to simmer/warm or even turn off the device right from the smartphone.


Smart scale

With baking and more defined cooking requiring precision in the quantity of ingredients used, what a smart kitchen requires is a smart scale that saves you the trouble of measuring every ingredient used. The app used alongside the scale will tell you exactly when you have added the right amount of whatever the recipe demands. This scale is designed to take the user through hundreds of different recipes with painstaking details.

Smart frying pan

Imagine a pan that can ensure that your eggs, burgers and the like are cooked to perfection… That is exactly what a smart frying pan can do in your kitchen. There are sensors in the pan that are equipped to send notifications to your phone to tell you when to put your egg or paneer on the pan, when to turn it and when to take it out. The pan comes with an app that has recipes packed to help you in the kitchen.

Smart thermometer

Another must-have for serious cooks, the Bluetooth-enabled smart thermometer will give accurate and clear temperature readouts. This is handy, as it allows you to use an app to check on the food temperature and avoid overcooking the lunch or dinner. It will tell you when your meat is cooked medium well or well done, without making you take a guess. The thermometer uses Bluetooth to send information to your phone. Some of the top ones also come with additional features.

Smart burner

Smart induction burners are created to be more efficient than gas burners, heating up fast and cooling off as quickly, while controlling the temperature digitally. Some manufacturers are making their induction burner plates Wi-Fi-enabled too.



Smart plate

Complement all things smart in your kitchen with a smart plate that will tell you exactly what you are eating and the proportion you require. The plate called ‘SmartPlate’ is a10-inch wonder that comes equipped with three mini cameras and weight sensors that will alert you if you serve too much on the plate; it will also well as tell you what is on your plate, as far as calories are concerned. It comes with an app that syncs up with your plate to keep a track of your meals while connecting to MyFitnessPal and FitBit.


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