The most expensive Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinners have, in the blink of an eye, become THE most important toy in every child, teen and even adult’s life. We take a look at some of the most expensive spinners that have hit the market in recent times…

 Bathgate Artifact Spinner

Made by Revolve Makers and designed by Chris Bathgate, the limited edition Bathgate Artifact Spinner combines sculptural aesthetics and Aerospace-grade machining, creating a unique experience. It is the second installment in a series of design collaborations. Price: $700


Black Lotus Tri Sterling Silver

This spinner from House of Yurich, is printed and cast in U.S.A. and assembled, designed and finished in Australia. It is made by high-tech 3D printing, and each one comes with the distinct circuit design. The Sterling Silver mode, particularly, is manufactured using a wax mold via 3D printer. Following that, silver is poured into it to create the body. Once cooled, the body is then polished and colored with tritium powder at an additional cost. Its spin radius is 25mm and weighs just 70 grams. The main body is one piece, with two buttons. Price: $445 

Rotablade Superconductor Stubby Spinner

This spinner cum cigar stand comes in several varieties, but this pure titanium one is the most expensive. It is a pre-order spinner. It has a fully machined body, removable screw caps for service and changing material types. Although it is not actually superconductive, it has all the right looks. Price: $665


9 Gear

The 9 gear is small and is barely discernible in your hand. To get the fidget spinner to spin, you simply need to push the button on the toy. It weighs just 118 grams, has nine brass gears and aluminum alloy body; it comes in a luxurious leather case. The nine interlocked gears make this spinner double as a fidget square. The spinner is 62mm deep, 18.7mm high, and 62mm wide. Price: $600



The Sunnytech customised 925 Silver Fidget Spinner, which is also made by Weiheng, has a sterling silver finish. Its silicon-nitride bearings, along with the weight and balance, allow for maximum spin time. It is 65mm in length, 34mm in width and 9mm in thickness. Price: $459 



The Pepyakka-S fidget spinner means serious business. It has 20 interlocking parts and a double-bearing system for maximum spin time and stability. There is no doubt that it is beautiful but has been described by spinner devotees as a ‘mechanical puzzle’. Price: $425 


Tispin Prop 

The Tispin Prop looks like a propeller, and acts like one. It is made from grade 5 aircraft titanium, which is the same material they make real aircraft props out of. It is precision-machined and then micro-tooled by hand to achieve the perfect balance. Price: $425 

Weiheng Customized Hand Spinner

The Weiheng Customized Hand Spinner 925 Silver Fidget is made of stabilised wood, along with a SKF hybrid ceramic bearing. The spin time will, of course, depend on your skill, but it has the ability to spin real fast. Price: $339.99 


Turbine Version 3

This spinner is massive with 19mm thickness and a full two-inch diameter. The Turbine is designed for as smooth a spin as possible. The 1 R188 size bearing is secured inside the unit with a screw cap. The caps are then screwed together to fit to the bearing. You will not want to let this spinner out of your hands! Price: $339


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