‘Feel the Speed’ with Awasr

Awasr, Oman’s first specialised broadband Internet service provider, is riding a crest of success following the launch of its prestigious ‘Feel the Speed’ campaign. The campaign, which went underway with the opening of the pre-order facility for new coverage areas in Azaiba, Ghubrah, Madinat Alam, Al Qurum, Wadi Adai, Hamriya, Wadi Kabir, Hilat Al Sadd and Darsait, has set a new paradigm of speed with its cutting edge technology. Awasr aggressively pursued the tenets of ‘Feel the Speed’ campaign and paved a revolutionary path for consumers to experience and enjoy speed like never before. With ten new destinations and more set to build its growing reputation as a reliable provider, Awasr is on a mission to engage with customers on a proactive platform and spread its ‘speed’ credo.



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