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“Our clients, both corporate and private, are leaning more towards the rustic and industrial themed events,” points out Maha Al Lamki, Managing Director of Desert River, as she throws the spotlight on the changing event management and furniture rental scene in the capital in the following interview

Tell us about your event furniture rental company…

FurnitureDesert River Oman is a dynamic young company based in Muscat specialising in the rental of designer brands for events and parties, both private and corporate. Originally set-up in January 2004 in Dubai, we decided Oman needed a taste of the modern furniture world so in 2015, Desert River Oman was born. The company has since been very successful in bringing new European quality products, through retail, wholesale and rental operations to the market. Our contemporary products are ideal for event rentals, or to purchase for homes, offices, hotels and commercial projects.

What are the new trends for the forthcoming party season?

This season, a number of our clients, both corporate and private, are leaning more towards the rustic and industrial themed events, opting to offer their guests something different to the standard classical look they would usually choose. This theme is taking the décor world by storm, and event companies, corporations and private parties are following suit.

Locally, do you see the party season capturing these trends?

Overall, our Oman based clients like to keep their events simple and classy, and generally opt for our classical range of white leather sofas and lighting to accommodate. We hope to inspire our current and future clients and help them to make some educated risks without jeopardising the quality of their brand or event.

How receptive is the local public to newer ideas and party concepts? Are more and more people relying on professionals to organise their party/event?

There are some extremely talented and inspiring event companies available in Muscat, some of who are our biggest clients. We are seeing an increase this season in event furniture rentals, especially in the private party sector. People are, more and more, hosting parties in the comfort of their own homes, as opposed to hiring out small venues. This could be a combination of the party host saving on venue rental costs or opting for a more intimate setting in their private homes.

Are there ready materials/resources to help plan big events or parties?

We are predominately an event furniture rental company, but our services extend much further than that. We want our clients’ event to be perfect for them, so we will always assist where possible to help our clients source all the supplies they require for their event. There are an abundance of event planners in Muscat who have their unique speciality; we will always direct our clients to those we think will suit their event best.

FurnitureWhat, according to you, is an ideal office party concept?

Generally, offices can be quite clinical with neutral colours taking centre stage. If you are providing an informal party for your staff we would recommend our ‘glitterati’ theme, which is one of our collections available on our website. The furniture is fun and over the top and unlike anything you would ever see in a corporate office.

What are the dos and don’ts to follow while organising a formal party?  

Don’t make presumptions that formal should equal boring. Formal event attendees want to have fun and be inspired. Take subtle or small risks and give your guests some décor eye candy.

Do plan well in advance. There are always hidden tasks that will creep up on you at the last-minute when organising a party. The more organised you are the more you will enjoy the evening itself.

Any tips/guidelines to ensure that the party begins and ends smoothly?

Be flexible. Your event might not go as you perfectly planned but the main aim is that your guests enjoy themselves.

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