Gadgets for Homes in 2018

Gadgets for Homes in 2018

Gadgets for home also get a face lift in 2018.

Check out what is new in the home gadgets market to make life all the more easier.

Gadgets for Homes in 2018Dialog Oven

The Dialog Oven is a new kind of oven that cooks with radio waves. This interesting oven also listens to the food cooking and accordingly adjusts the amplitude, modulation, and phase of the waves.



Gadgets for Homes in 2018Robot vacuum

The new D7 robot vacuum from Neato can actually tell you where not to clean. The robot comes with an app, which maps the home and allows the user to programme where it should and shouldn’t clean.


Gadgets for Homes in 2018Blink Intelligent Video Doorbell

The Blink Intelligent Video Doorbell, powered by batteries, gives a live view from the front door to anywhere in the world. The smart system is also armed with a motion detection sensor, so when someone rings the bell or approaches the door, it sends an instant alert to the smartphone.

Gadgets for Homes in 2018Tritan Cold Brew Coffee Maker

The Tritan Cold Brew Coffee Maker by Osaka uses a stainless steel mesh filter to weed out any flecks or flakes of coffee grounds and produce clear coffee. The Coffee Maker has a capacity of 1.5 liters and is made of shatterproof material.



Gadgets for Homes in 2018Microwave-refrigerator

Imagine having a microwave that can double up as a refrigerator… Frigondas, a Spanish-Korean company, has developed just that – a microwave that can also ‘blast chill’ foods. Just like it can heat food in minutes, it can rapidly freeze fresh foods to preserve their texture, and chill drinks in minutes.


Gadgets for Homes in 20183-in-1 washing machine

This new Hisense washing machine is a blessing for everyone burdened with housework. It can wash three separate loads in one go and take the drudgery out of sorting and washing laundry on different dates.



Nostalgia Retro Breakfast Station

All in one, that’s what you get with the Nostalgia Retro Breakfast Station. Gadgets for Homes in 2018This compactly designed cooking system is perfect for smaller spaces, but it is large enough for the entire family. The toaster at the base can function as an oven – it can toast up to four slices of bread, bake food and even reheat food. All of the temperatures and settings in the Breakfast Station are controlled with precision using the knobs in the centre. It has a built-in coffee maker on the left which can make up to four cups of coffee at a time.

Gadgets for Homes in 2018Yomee Automatic Yogurt Maker

Making your own yoghurt is a breeze with Yomee Automatic Yogurt Maker. It follows a simplified process to make yoghurt as it only requires milk and a Yomee pod. It also comes with a dishwasher-safe insulated cup that helps it to stay cool and fresh for longer. Besides, you can choose between several different types of yogurt with the Yomee app. It also offers recipe ideas and tracks various stages of the process.

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