Gift stories for this holiday season

Gifting - Holiday season

Make this holiday season feel magical for your loved ones with gifts that defy the clichéd ‘its-the-thought-that-counts’ idiom 

Clock up

Luxe - HolidayHere is a gift for that someone special whose streak for punctuality is legendary. Clock Clock 24 is a statement piece that is both a kinetic sculpture and a functioning clock. In it, twenty four round clocks are united to create one giant digital display. Its hands are choreographed and it can be set for 12 or 24 hour format in three (minimal, medium and elaborate) different modes to add movement between the minutes. Price: $6,000 


Luxe - HolidayA ball of yarn

Not just any ball of yarn… This silver deal is from Tiffany, who makes jewellery for savvy buyers. In its everyday items gift collection, Tiffany has created a limited edition ball of yarn that is hand spun with strands of sterling silver. It could prove to be a perfect gift for a friend who appreciates the art of turning everyday items into masterpieces. Price: $9,000


Luxe - HolidayCaffeine cache

Give your coffee addict friend a gift that says you care. The Giga X7 Professional automatic coffee centre is designed to enhance the pleasure of sipping coffee. With the combined power of two grinders, two heating systems, two pumps and two fluid systems in a user friendly set, the Giga X7 can make 28 beverages, including lattes, cappuccinos and macchiatos. It can brew an entire pot of coffee within 2½ minutes. Price: $8,999


Bike it

Luxe - HolidayGoing to work on bike may not seem practical, in this part of the world, but with the weather gradually feeling like winter and the weekends opening up avenues for the outdoors, the Townie Commute Go bike might prove to be a perfect gift for someone who loves to soak up fresh air. The battery-powered bike has ‘pedal assist’ and can be customised with a range of accessories to make it more comfortable. It can go up to 20mph and each charge can go for 100 miles. Price: $2,999


Luxe - HolidayDolls forever

Dolls are just what the gift guru would recommend if you have little children at home. And if money is no issue, it is all right to go for the best in the market. Like the Madame Alexander dolls, which also includes a customised ‘mini me’ version and a large dollhouse. The recipient of your gift will get eight dolls to begin, with the addition of one new doll every month for a year. rice: $8,000


Luxe - HolidayLay the mat

It is luminous, it is velvety and it is just right for meditation. If you have a yoga enthusiast in your list or someone who is inclined spiritually, gift this abcDNA luminous meditation mat. This handmade mat is presented in rich velvet and is carefully hand-finished with a cross-stitch design. It comes in colours ranging from pearl to deep charcoal and has a comfortable surface. Price: $595


Luxe - HolidayListen up

Wireless headphone is what you should be picking for the friend/relative who loves to listen to music all the time. The Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless Headphones spell luxury in look and in quality. The headphone can deliver a professional-level quality of sound. It is made from lambskin and aluminium, with a 17-hour charge. Price: $400


Light and sound

Luxe - HolidayHere is another option for the musically oriented…but with an interesting twist. The UMA LED Sound Lantern is a perfect combination of next generation portable light and Bluetooth speaker. It could prove to be just what you need when you go camping next. You could sync your mobile device to the UMA to enjoy high-quality surround sound with simple touch sensitive controls. Besides, the LED light is controlled with innovative warm-dim technology, which allows you to create the mood of your choice.  You could alter the warmth of the light simply by changing the light intensity. Price:  $445.00

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