Health is a matter of beauty

The clichéd ‘beauty lies in the eye of the beholder’ might sound fanciful in a romantic novel, but in the day and age we live in, where every aspect of life appears to be dictated by physical appearance, there are no loopholes in the established paradigms of beauty. Healthy skin, glowing complexion, sharp features and a shapely figure…

While one can hardly do much about one’s facial features, without taking recourse to makeup or the extreme plastic surgery, it is the health aspect and its strong association with beauty, that comes to the fore. For, nothing spells beauty as strongly as a healthy glowing skin. Of course, the steps involved in everyday skin care routine – cleanse, tone, exfoliate, moisturise – does help rejuvenate your skin for the long day ahead, but the concept of beauty that we know today goes beyond the makeup that follows the skin care routine; it is about how you feel about your skin.

Health is a matter of beauty

When you are happy in your skin and are content with the way you turn out, it is bound to reflect in the way you conduct yourself, exuding confidence. Looking good is a confidence booster; more the confidence the happier you will be. This will, invariably, bring about a shift in your lifestyle, one that is dictated by your love for your body and your looks. It will induce you to get into regular exercise, sleep and eat better and, of course, look a picture of health and beauty.

Looking and feeling good is all about making little changes in your lifestyle.

* A self-professed lifestyle guru, Sophia Raman has honed her expertise for beauty and fashion with a natural flair for all things chic and a distinctive style quotient. She is a sophisticated socialite who brings her love for fashion, style and travel to this column. 


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