Hidden Attractions in Muscat

Hidden Attractions in Muscat

As Oman’s capital and largest city, Muscat presents a beautiful blend of natural attractions and architectural wonders. Whether it is the stunning views from the magnificent hills and mountains, its soft sandy beaches, the verdant parks, or the wide range of mosques, traditional old markets and beautifully designed buildings, the city’s heritage and culture is resplendent everywhere.

For tourists visiting the country, Muscat is, often, the first port of call and a must-visit destination in their travel itinerary. The sight-seeing is, generally, limited to the popular landmarks like Muttrah Souq, Bait Al Zubair, Royal Opera House Muscat and the Grand Mosque, among others. Event domestic tourists and local residents are unaware of all the beautiful treasures that lie hidden in this intriguing city.

Old Muscat

Hidden Attractions in MuscatThe old town of Muscat is blessed with memories of the past; its elegance is clearly evident in the classical buildings, the striking corniche causeway, market stalls, old family houses, quaint cafés and mosques. Another highlight is the historic watchtower located in Muttrah. Surrounded by lights and fountains and perched on top of the hill, the tower looks over the historic corniche with pride.

Hot Springs in Bausher

Hidden Attractions in MuscatKnown by most for its busy city life, Bausher has an equally beautiful natural area – full of farmlands, falajs, springs, mountains, old clay houses and more. One of the most beautiful springs in the area is Al Hamam hot spring (also called Ain Al Hamam), which is definitely worth a visit.

Yiti Beach

Hidden Attractions in MuscatYiti beach is a treat for all the senses. It can induce a warm feeling of relaxation with the pure white beach, blanketed by crystal blue waves. Visitors can feel the soft sand under the feet, listen to the gentle waves break on the shore, and taste the refreshing sea breeze. A wide variety of birds live here, including the western reef heron and iconic sunbirds, making the most of the rugged cliffs and scattered woodlands of acacia trees. At the heart of the bay, rising out of the water stands the majestic JabalSamoo’n (Samoo’n mountain) – long associated with folk tales from the quaint village of Yiti.

The Old Route in Muttrah

Hidden Attractions in MuscatMuttrah is not just a symbol of heroic and cultural events, but also a charming reminder of a natural heritage that has been preserved for many years. One example of this is an old route that traces back to the time of the Majan civilization. This route was originally used by miners more than 5,000 years ago and is located near the corniche. The higher you go, the more you can see of Muttrah’s legendary beauty.

Bait Muzna Art Gallery

Hidden Attractions in MuscatBait Muzna is Oman’s first art gallery and was established in 2000 by Sayyida Susan Al Said. Bait Muzna is a pillar from which all modern art in Oman is built upon. From its inception, Bait Muzna has supported Omani artists, dedicating a large gallery room to exhibit their work, while also being a major influence on young and emerging international artists who often give workshops and exhibit their works.

Al Mazari Village in Quriyat

Hidden Attractions in MuscatSheltered in Quriyat’s charming and impressive natural landscape, there is a small oasis of green, sparkling water known as the village of Al Mazari. A paradise of natural formations, it encompasses agricultural farms, waterfalls, wadis, rare plants and significant biological diversity. Home to a number of towers, forts and castles, the village farmers harvest a number of crops, such as mango, lemon and corn.


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