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Add a workout extension to the ‘home-sweet-home’ concept to make your living space a sanctuary for your body and mind

If you love the idea of working out in a gym, but are not inclined to commit your time and money in a membership, make room for a gym right in your home. Invest in a couple of essential workout equipment and rearrange the living space to initiate your fitness regimen from home.

Here are a few ideas to inspire you, whether you live in a villa with a basement or garage space for the gym, or in a flat with limited space…

Money factor

Before you begin your home-gym project, remember workout equipments do not come cheap. That, however, does not mean you cannot find inexpensive gadgets that suit your body’s requirements. While the online buy-and-sell market has endless options to gear you up for the gym of your choice, there are also locally available products that can get you started without burning a hole in your wallet. Fix a budget and start scouring the sports shops to pick the ones that are right for your budget and workout requirement. It is best to pick one thing at a time and do a gradual move to a complete gym to ensure that you are on the right track.

Make space

Space is the biggest concern if you live in a two-bedroom apartment and have kids sharing the second bedroom. While a home gym is the perfect answer to your time problems with little children at home, space can seem all the more limited. This calls for a little space analysis of your home; identify areas that could accommodate your gym gear – may be a closed balcony, a spare guest room or an extended living room. If nothing, just squeeze things around in the living room and add your exercise equipment in a corner. For a cardio workout, a corner space is all that you need. Working out in the living room also gives you the benefit of watching your favourite shows on the telly while pounding the treadmill or other exerciser. You could add mirrors to one end of the wall to make it look roomier and also give it a gym-like look.

Add energy

Workouts are all about boosting your energy levels, and this calls for an ambience that is conducive to your needs. Ensure that the space is not cluttered, nor has distracting elements. What you need more of is light – natural the better. Use soft white lights to illuminate the workout space and adorn the room with indoor plants. Add in elements that help induce a positive mood and motivate you to workout.

Get set

Treadmill may have been elevated as the be-all and end-all of all home gym products, but if you really assess your fitness requirements you would realise that some of the best home workout equipment are rather small and inexpensive. A jump rope could easily substitute treadmill for cardio. You could opt for foam rollers too; it can be used for core strengthening, for yoga, as well as for massaging your muscles. Besides, one set of dumbbells that could be adjusted for weight could work well for your strength training requirements, instead of different sets for different weights. A punching bag could act as a great stress buster and also add a little décor element to your space.

Arrange & organise

Create vertical storage space for lighter items to avoid cluttering the room. You could add a few shelves for your specific needs or have bins in the store room to accommodate your gear. Alternately, find ways to hide them while not in use. Maybe your sofa can accommodate the dumbbells/kettlebells under it? Or maybe you have an ottoman that can double up as your storage space?

Get gymming…


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