Window Dressing

Go window-shopping, literally, to treat your window with a pleasant makeover that is easy on your pocket

Think beyond the regular drapes, shades and blinds for a creative twist on your window treatment plans with a little décor inspiration from experts and some online browsing help.

To begin, follow the simple rules of the décor game:

  1. When shopping for curtains, choose fabric that is neither too heavy nor too light, so that it drapes just right on your window frame.
  2. Hang the curtains as close to the ceiling as possible. When panels are higher than the windows they add to the height of the room.
  3. Although curtain length is a personal choice, you could achieve a cleaner look with a length that just skims the floor. You could, alternately, get a more classic look by having it slightly puddled on the floor.
  4. For a more customised look, get it tailored to your window size, as if it has been fitted to suit the window.
  5. Find curtains that complement your furniture or the walls.
  6. Assess the requirement before zeroing on, say, slatted blinds or roman shades. Opt for blackout blinds or heavier curtains in the bedroom.
  7. Ensure that the curtain gives you proper fullness by picking one that is twice or more than twice the width of your window.

Window Treatment: Shades and Blinds 

Neutral look: When classic tones rule your décor style, it is best to take the neutral path to infuse elegance into your room. Go for neutral tones if your idea of window treatment is floor-to-ceiling.

Trim up: Contrasts always work, whether it’s about making a fashion statement or rocking the interiors of your home. Curtains with contrasting trim have an exclusive look and feel about them. Give it a try…

Layer it: Layers can easily give you a chic look. Simply layer a mixture of curtains to create a modern look.

Frill fun: Frills are all about giving the room a feminine look, but if you want to keep it subtle get puff-top silk draperies.

Flower style: Floral patterns have a universal appeal and can look perfect for every season. Larger print curtains would be better if you want to keep the look sober.

Faux shade: The faux shade, as the name suggest, has no role to play, except look pretty. It is just right if you are looking to have some colour in your window without actually getting it covered.

Touch of shimmer: If you like the idea of beads in your curtain and some sparkle in your living room, get a beaded curtain or make your own with some DIY kit from your neighbourhood store.

Wood appendage: A wide window can easily accommodate a neat valance. It could be a simple wooden awning or an asymmetrical wood sculpture picked from the flea market or the weekly souq or even collected during your travels abroad. However, the idea should be to blend in with the overall look and not stand out awkwardly.

Up and down: Top-down, bottom-up, that is… When natural light is what you want to enjoy in your living room, the top-down, bottom-up shade is what will guarantee you a whole load of it. These semi-opaque shades cut out the glare but let some warm light seep through into the room.

Roll them: With home sizes shrinking and windows becoming compact, it is best to opt for roller shades, which are sleek and ideal for smaller windows. They are available in customisable colours and patterns to add to your décor element.
Roman shades: Again, if the windows in your home are small, go for Roman shades which come in exciting colours and textures. They can easily infuse vibrancy to your room.


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