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‘Look fashionable but know your place…’ is Ale Al Zadjali’s advice for all wannabe divas

I feel like it’ll be a crime to start this piece without mentioning Heidi Montag’s ‘Superficial’ which is one of the greatest albums of all time and is available on iTunes *wink.*

I’ve spent the past month in a city that truly celebrates fashion, a factor solely based on visual elements. I went to shows; I walked around and even got into the invite-only parties. I did most of this in my Dorothy inspired red glitter boots that are actually an ode to RPDR’s Miss Fan Favorite, Valentina. I got all the attention I needed and satisfied my ego, but what I was disappointed to see was how superficial people seem to think that fashion is meant to be. I hung out or looked over at the elite, the ones that shared the front row with me, and they carried off their styles and were humble.

However, it’s the baby fashion enthusiasts, the ones sitting outside hoping for an invite, that walk around like they are better than you because they paired an H&M sweater with borrowed Jimmy Choos. That’s the downside of celebrating fashion; being superficial is never warranted, but if you are going to pretend you are that DIVA than – oh honey – you better be the actual Beyoncé and not the budget wannabe I’m seeing in front of me.

Look fashionable but know your place, because it’s easy to get fashion attention but your charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent is what makes the look.


Esque with Ale


Ale Al Zadjali is a 24 year-old award winning fashion designer; he is the brain behind the ‘Esque by Ale’ line of clothing.



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