London Fashion Week


Ale Al Zadjali outlines why fashion shows should have twists and stunts and designers should strive to stand out  

London Fashion Week certainly didn’t hold back (oh, at all), as Bobby Abley had Dipsy (Teletubbies) close his show. It wasn’t a person on a costume crashing the show, the collection had the show as a theme. However, watching clips of it unravelling just made me think of how much I personally crave fashion show twists. Sure it’s interesting to see a popular personality sitting FROW and I certainly was amazed seeing RPDR’s Valentina looking like Linda Evangelista at the recent Moschino show and Nicki’s PFW antics.

However, this was a true game changer. It was on par with shows having props and stunts and I’m here for it. I wish more designers were aware of the fact that buyers and reporters only make up around 15 percent of the attendees. Designers should strive to stand out because people lose focus as the patterns repeat.

Make it snow rose petals, give me wig reveals or costume tearaways, celebrity appearances or surprise performances. I mean the Victoria’s Secret fashion show wouldn’t be as celebrated if we didn’t have the likes of Gaga singing ‘Million Reasons’ (one of the saddest songs of all time), as models tried to strut and come off as blithe.

The twists are a way for designers to say ‘Bon Appétit’, as the audience pulls out their cameras to capture the moment and quench their thirst. Plus, who can’t benefit from the added social media buzz?


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