Skin care for the outdoors


Holidays summer fashion. and skin care concept. Woman in yellow hat holds heart shaped sunglasses sunscreen lotion, bright background copy spaceSkin care for the outdoors
Glamping, camping or simply roughing it out, your skin deserves an extra dose of tender loving care when outdoors

Forget makeup while camping?Portrait of a young couple sitting with guitar near bonfire in the forest
Even if you are not a makeup addict, a dash of that and a dab of this is a must to keep your skin feeling and looking pampered on your next weekend jaunt to the mountains or the beach. Skin care is the need of the hour, literally, as the outdoors can sap it off energy and that fresh glow. But, of course, camping can be as glamorous as you want with a few tried and tested makeup tips and tricks.
Sun protection
Never underestimate the importance of sun protection cream – winter or summer. Even if the weather outside seems pleasant, sunscreen and lip balm are essential in your skincare kit. For the focus, at all times, should be ‘sun safety’. When making a checklist of items to pack for your camping trip, include a minimum SPF 30 for face and body along with a lip balm with SPF. Begin your makeup session with sunscreen and moisturiser; that holds true even if you want to give makeup a break for the camping trip. If foundation and other skin prepping accompaniments are not on your list, dab on some BB cream to get set for the day.
Dry shampoo
Dry shampoo is, by all counts, your best bet for the outdoors. Add to that a detangling brush and your hair will remain degreased and detangled all through your trip. Dry shampoo can be a perfect boost if you have limp hair and can make your scalp feel fresh and clean even after trekking all through the day. It is your handy tool for hair emergencies. Dry shampoo loyalists believe it is not just about convenience while outdoors as regular shampoo on a daily basis can easily strip away the oils and make your hair dry.
Basic makeup
When we say basic makeup, what we really mean is having a double-duty makeup kit. It is easy to double up your cosmetic items by picking, for example, a lipstick that works for lips and cheeks and an eyebrow pencil that can double up as eye liner. This, of course, means opting for items that do not have shimmer or sparkle embedded in them, as that just does not fit with the outdoor theme.
If you belong to the vast tribe of makeup addicts who will not step out of home without the essential mascara, you would need to arm yourself with a waterproof variety. Even when the weather is pleasant, a trek or a casual walk outdoors could get you breaking out in light sweat. And that will not be good for your mascara-laden eyes, unless it is waterproof.

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What is essential when you are at home is important even when you are out camping. That means washing your face before retiring for the day. Sweat and sunscreen on your pores need to be washed off or at least wiped clean. Keep face wipes handy and you will be as good as new for the next day. The pre-moisturised variety is ideal if water is at a premium. Antiperspirant wipes are convenient while on the go.


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