Love In The Time Of Gadgets And Apps

Love In The Time Of Gadgets And Apps

Check out the gadgets crafted to foster long distance relationships and apps designed to make you wear your heart on your sleeve.

Celebrate love and its colourful expressions this season with gadgets and apps.

Love In The Time of Gadgets And AppsRingly 

As the name suggests, this little gadget uses rings to alert you to messages from that someone special. It is a wearable technology – smart bracelets and rings – that is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Once connected, you will receive customised alerts through vibrations and colour-coded lights, ensuring that you will never miss any messages from your loved one.



Love In The Time of Gadgets And AppsThis is exactly what a love guru would have prescribed for a long distance relationship. It is a special bracelet that is connected to a case that is placed under your partner’s pillow to transmit heartbeats and movements to each other. The gadget allows you to feel, in real time, the heartbeats and movements of your better half, as if you were together.


Love In The Time of Gadgets And AppsDreamdays

Counting days when you will see him/her again? Here is a countdown app that will make it easy to track days left until you will see your special someone again. You could also use this app to create a calendar of important days and events.

Love In The Time of Gadgets And Apps


Love Inspired Tech (LIT) 

Let technology inspire you in your love zone. LIT will make your long distance video calls qualitatively better; you will be able to see your partner in a natural light, whatever be the time zone. The gadget is compatible with laptop, desktop, smartphone and tablet.


Love In The Time of Gadgets And Apps
Hey Bracelets

Stay connected with bracelets. They HEY bracelets will let you communicate remotely with your partner, by just using the bracelet. These bracelets let you feel your loved one – whatever be the distance. The wearable tech can mimic a real human touch, by actually generating a gentle squeeze.




Love In The Time of Gadgets And AppsRight, there are several messaging apps to stay connected, but if you want something that is exclusive to you and your partner, check out Couple, a social networking app for just you two. The app also allows you to share photos and videos. Check out also ‘Avocado’ and ‘Between’ apps, which are designed to work on similar platforms.


Love In The Time of Gadgets And AppsGlympse

Glympse is exactly what a glimpse from your partner would do to your mood. The app will let you share your plans for a specific period of time in the day, so that your partner can track your trip through Glympse notifications. The app allows you to set who can see you and for how long.


Love In The Time of Gadgets And Apps


Touch Room

Create a virtual room with this app to see the part of the screen your partner is touching. It lets you add your handprint to feel a buzz, indicating that you are now virtually holding hands.



Love In The Time of Gadgets And AppsIf you are looking for a reassuring squeeze from your long distance partner, this Frebble is what would help you get it. It is a set of two devices: when one partner squeezes his Frebble, the corresponding device in her hand will gently apply pressure to the back of her hand. The Frebble duo will simulate a sensation of holding hands next to each other.

Love In The Time of Gadgets And Apps


Touch Lamps

These in-sync touch lamps will let your loved ones know that you are thinking about them in real time. After the partners connect their respective lamps to Wi-Fi, the lamps will sync up and will allow the duo to send messages with quick touch of the hands. So, when one lamp is connected, the other lamp will give off the same glow.


Love In The Time of Gadgets And AppsGoodnight Lamp

Another lamp that can evoke similar sensation is the Goodnight Lamp; quaint house-shaped lamps that can connect you and your partner through their warm glow. It works by connecting the bigger lamp with the smaller one. So, when you turn the large lamp on to indicate you are available for chat, the little lamp given to your partner, wherever he/she may be will turn on too.


Love In The Time of Gadgets And AppsLovebox

Here is a messenger that is designed along the lines of the classic love note. The cloud-connected ‘Lovebox Messenger’ lets you send notes to your loved one at any time. The box is connected to the phone, letting you to use the app to send messages. When receiving a message, the heart on the box will spin and your partner will be able to read the message on the screen placed inside, instead of the boring phone screen.


Love In The Time of Gadgets And AppsTapTap Wristband

A tap is all that you need to do to let your partner know that you are thinking of him/her. The TapTap is a of wristbands that are connected to each other – each wear one and use it to tap and tell the other that he/she is on your mind. What is more, the bands can lso track your activity and your sleep.

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