Love, Peace and Zen via Meditation


Meditation, the silent art of connecting with ones inner self and with the universe itself, is a perfect salve to de-stress and reconnect with family

Communication is important; two-way communication, all the more.

But the communication underscored here is not simply about having a conversation, casual or sublime; it is about breaking the shackles of constant chatter to connect on an ethereal scale. It is about mastering the potent art of meditation to open the lines of communication with family.

MeditationMeditation, on a visual periphery, might seem to be an individual act, one that requires individual focus and attention to create a spectrum of mental connect. But meditating as a group, on a guided level, has the good of the family at its core. While all family bound activities do bring to the forefront the concept of ‘family that prays/eats together stays together’, meditation might just add that edge to everyday tasks and help you connect on a more inspiring canvas. For, meditation has proven its potentials to help one relax, unwind and find mental peace and clarity, individually as well as collectively as a family.

Some of the pronounced benefits of meditation include:

Stress reduction

That is the obvious benefit, considering how it helps you calm the turmoil in your mind. It can put you in a better perspective about your life, your emotions and your relationships

Happy outlook

Happiness, not the kind that makes you jump and dance, is also an outcome of calmness that comes from comforting one’s mind with positive thoughts. While regular meditation can bring about a happy demeanour, a general sense of well-being and a happy disposition can also act as a drive to meditate on a mentally elevated plane.

Patient and tolerant 

Meditation can take away negativity and fill you with more genial vibes, helping you accept others without sitting on a judgement seat. It will also help you become more empathetic towards others.

Now for some tips to get first-timers started…

Ask an expert and he/she will tell you meditation is simply about concentrating on your breathing – breathe in, breathe out. But what about the mind that keeps wandering like a minstrel from the medieval times? How do you make it stay put on the breathing exercise?

Like everything else in life, it is only practice that can help you perfect the art of meditation. The following tips might help put you on the right course.

  • Time: While sunrise and sunset are said to be ideal times for it, the objective should be to meditate without disturbance, and that means it should be convenient for you as well as other family members. Also, ensure that the meditation time does not immediately follow your meal as that could make you feel sleepy.
  • Place: Now select a place that is convenient, suitable and effective for meditation. Ensure that it is quiet and peaceful, especially in the initial days.
  • MeditationWarm-up: Just like a workout regimen requires a warm-up session, so too does meditation. You could do some simple yoga asanas or any warm-up exercise to get your body and mind aligned for the task ahead.
  • Posture: Meditation requires you to be relaxed and comfortable while sitting in a straight line with the spine erect.
  • Deep breath: Meditation is all about breathing right to stay focused. Deep breaths help you get into the rhythm of things. When meditating with children, it is best to initiate a guided programme to get everyone in the right mental mode. Get everyone to sit comfortably with closed eyes before the breathing exercise. Ask them to take a deep breath and exhale slowly, while focusing on the rhythm of breathing. Count to ten exhales and let the mind follow the breath.


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