Love Yourself Enough to Volunteer

Love Yourself Enough to Volunteer

‘Valentine’s Day is coming up, and the best way to show your love for others is to volunteer’, observes Mohamed Al-Touqi, as he talks about his philosophy of love through volunteering

Usually, when we think of Valentine’s Day, things like chocolates, flowers, and cards come to mind; but this year, why not extend Valentine’s Day to caring for others, perhaps total strangers, who are in need of some kindness? There are countless people in need in our communities and abroad, and this February 14th 2018, I encourage you to show your love in a unique manner. Giving time and thought into improving your community is a true measure of compassion.

Reasons I Love to Volunteer:

As a volunteer, you don’t get paid for donating your time. However, there are benefits in it for you and me when we’re unselfish in giving our time to benefit others.

Love Yourself Enough to Volunteer

The following are five major reasons why I choose to volunteer. Although I don’t receive a check in the mail for my help, these reasons are more motivating than money.

  1. I Love Supporting a Cause I Care About

We see and experience things every day that scream for our help. God has given me a passion regarding some of them. This passion continues to motivate me to take action and make a difference. Committing my time and energy to a cause that I am passionate about is energizing.  

  1. I Love Learning and Demonstrating New Skills

Volunteering has allowed me many opportunities to:

  • Continuously learn to improve myself
  • Mentor others by sharing my knowledge, skills and experiences to help others improve

Every volunteer experience has required me to learn and experience new things. I have discovered more about the causes I support. I have also learned and practiced new skills, as I have participated in new ways.

Donating my time has also provided me many opportunities to mentor. Being a mentor to kids and to other volunteers continues to be very rewarding.

  1. I Love Making New Friends

I have made a significant number of new friends through my volunteering efforts. Some of the kindest people that I have met were employees and volunteers of non-profit organisations. This is not a coincidence. These are people who are willing to dedicate some of their time or even their career to making the world a better place. These are the kind of friends that are worth meeting and keeping.

  1. I Love the Great Feeling It Brings

Have you ever taken a meal to someone who was sick or paid for stranger’s cup of coffee for no reason at all? If you haven’t, give it a try. If you have, then you already know the great feeling you receive when doing something unselfish for someone else. The feeling you get is no different when volunteering your time to a cause you are passionate about.

I feel great when I have the opportunity to help someone. In fact, I have found the feeling can be addictive.

  1. I Love Making a Difference

I want the way I live my life to make a difference. I know that you want that for yourself as well. Volunteering has provided me a significant way to do just that.

By donating just, a portion of our time, we can:

  • Make a difference in a person’s life
  • Make the world a better place to live
  • Have a long-lasting impact

You can find volunteer opportunities everywhere. Look for opportunities at schools, community organisations, or like our charity – International Volunteers. Get involved in something that you care about and start making a difference. You will be glad you did.

* Mohamed Al-Touqi, (seen above) who launched International Volunteers Oman on 5th December 2015, with supporting partner Knowledge Oman (, is a full time senior instructor/facilitator at Outward Bound Oman. You can check out International Volunteers Facebook page here.

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