Maiyasa Designs

Maiyasa Al Noufly, founder and designer of the clothing line Maiyasa Designs, has evocatively fused art and fashion to create distinctive designer wear for fashion-savvy ladies

Earthy colours, exotic appliqués, arresting 3D designs… Omani fashion designer Maiyasa Al Noufly’s Ramadan collection, under her fashion brand Maiyasa Designs, is all that and more. She has, for the first time, introduced 3D designs on her dresses and has embellished them with pearls, shells and flowers to create masterpieces for the season.

She has woven the moods of the season in cuts and designs that act as an extension of the wearer’s personality…

Her love for all things fashion began when she was only six years old. She nurtured her passion alongside her artistic forays in the field of drawing and music. She found a perfect platform in fashion, to balance all her interests, and learned to merge one with the other to create designs that portray musical harmony, lucid artistic lines and fashion novelties that have won her a fan following on her social media pages.

Playing the piano may have started as a hobby, alongside her flair for sketching and drawing, but these interests soon helped chart her path in the world of fashion. While art helped enhance her creativity in choosing the right colour palate and creative embellishments on to the fashion sketches, the notes of piano spurred her imagination and creativity to produce extraordinary designs.

Her talents were recognised very early on. She was 16 whe     n she won the second prize for best drawing among all the participating schools in the Sultanate. She repeated the feat, on a higher level, at the age of 22 when she won first place in both drawing as well as playing piano, among all the colleges in the country. She won the creativity award in 2014 and got to attend a course in fashion designing in Milan, Italy. She also won the best sketch in Maserati contest chosen by two powerful names in the fashion industry – international designer Abed Mahfouz and Antoine Salame from LaBourjoisie.

Maiyasa graduated from the University of Southern Queensland in 2008 with MBA in marketing and worked in the events industry before opening her own boutique.


(For more details, check Maiyasa’s Instagram account @maiyasadesigns)



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