Make Your Party Special

At a Party

While the holiday season unfolds with its own festive banquets and parties, you could add a twist to your home party with one of the ideas suggested here…

Mini party

What fun it would be to set up your dinner table with all the food in bite-sized pieces. You could, perhaps, go with starters that can be put together in mini sizes and shapes and do the same with desserts.

Breakfast at night

Well… If your guests are game for it, a breakfast for dinner party could be just what you need to break away from the same old party ideas. Prepare a breakfast spread that includes all the popular items and record the reaction of your guests.

Masquerade PartyMasquerade

Remember all the fancy dress competitions while you were at school? Bring them on with a masquerade party this time around. Alternately, you could plan a costume party and make it a fun evening for all.


Retro party

This one will prove to be a winner if you have friends in different age groups. The idea should be to bring back the roaring 60s with a dinner party. Create the theme with the décor, the cutlery, music, and, of course, clothes.

Beach PartyBeach dinner

Barbecue would be your best bet for a beach party, but you could also put up a little beach bonfire, without causing any disturbance to other picnickers or visitors. You could have marshmallows and sing around the fire.

Backyard party

If you are living in a villa, which come with a little backyard to sit out during winter, you could build a campfire and create the winter ambience for your guests. Campfires also mean dishes that are distinctly outdoorsy. So, go on, make it a special one.


Hawaiian PartyHawaiian theme

Hawaiian luau will not disappoint, as everyone gets to come in fun costumes to fit the theme. Let the décor reflect the theme and food take the guests on a Hawaiian trip.


Black and White

Red may be the favourite colour of the season, but give it a twist by having a black and white affair. Keep everything black and white and try and create starters that wear the theme colours.

Santa Claus party

Imagine everyone dressed as Santa… Ask your guests to be creative in their Santa costume and get ready for laughter and fun.

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