Mango Man – The New Travel Suit

Mango presents the latest trend in men’s suits: the Slim-fit Travel range

Here is a perfect option for the modern man who is looking for a comfortable two-piece suit for a business trip. Its slim-fit cut enhances the male silhouette. Its wool fabric is stretchy and water and crease resistant, making it possible to maintain your suit impeccable throughout the day.

The suits are made of 100 percent wool, enhancing its naturally elastic and breathable nature.

Stretch Fabric: High adaptability to movement

The lightweight fabrics in the range have at their core an advanced internal structure to allow for the body’s increased movement and an incredible flexibility.

Functional: Passport and mobile inside pockets

This suit gives you autonomy, as it has pockets to store your belongings and have them located at all times.

Water-Resistant: Rubber-coated buttons & waterproof coating fabric

It also makes the fabric less susceptible to visible staining due to perspiration, its water-resistant technology will keep you looking fresh all day long.

No Creases: High-twist yarn

Its quality wool fabric and its careful yarn has crease-free technology, this allows you to keep your suit impeccable throughout the day.


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