Movies to watch this weekend


English – Thriller /Mystery ‧ 1h 35m, Starring: Halle Berry, Lew Temple ,  Dana Gourrier , Malea Rose

Karla Dyson (Halle Berry) is a single mother who lives a perfect life with her young son Frankie (Sage Correa). One day, while entering a carnival, Karla leaves her son briefly to take an important call. When she returns to the spot where she left him, she realises he is missing. She runs out of the carnival, searching for him, and catches the sight of Frankie in a blue car that is speeding away. To save Frankie from abduction, Karla goes out on an unending and thrilling car chase behind Frankie’s abductors. Her steely resolve and determination to save her son at any cost takes her on a dangerous mission.

(Kidnap is an American action thriller film, which began its development phase as early as June 2009. The film was completed in December 2014, however, the release date got unduly delayed.)


Toilet: Ek Prem Katha

Hindi – Drama/Comedy-drama ‧ 2h 35m, Starring: Akshay Kumar, Anupam Kher and Bhumi Pednekar

A woman leaves her husband on the first day of their marriage after discovering that he doesn’t have a toilet. He desperately sets out on a mission to win back his love by standing up to the age-old traditions and values of India.


English – Action/Comedy ‧ 1h 37m, Starring: Amy Schumer, Goldie Hawn and Kim Caramele

Dumped by her boyfriend on the eve of their vacation, impetuous dreamer Emily Middleton persuades her cautious mother, Linda, to accompany her on an exotic getaway to South America. Polar opposites, Emily and Linda must soon work through their differences to escape from a wildly outrageous and dangerous jungle adventure.


Wind River

English – Mystery/Crime film ‧ 1h 51m, Starring: Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen and Graham Greene

An FBI agent teams up with a veteran game tracker to investigate a murder that occurred on a Native American reservation.


47 Meters Down

English – Drama/Thriller ‧ 1h 29m, Starring: Mandy Moore, Claire Holt and Matthew Modine

Young sisters Kate and Lisa and travel to Mexico for a vacation filled with sun, fun and adventure. Lisa needs some extra persuasion when Kate suggests that they go diving in shark-infested waters. Safe in their protective cage, the thrill-seeking siblings come face to face with a group of majestic great whites. Their worst fears soon become a reality when the cage breaks away from their boat, sending them plummeting to the ocean floor with a dwindling supply of oxygen.


Velaiilla Pattadhari 2

Tamil – Drama/Action ‧ 2h 13m, Starring: Dhanush, Kajol, Amala Paul

When a jobless graduate flounders around trying to find work, he loses respect from his wife, family and friends. But when he gets involved with a powerful woman in the corporate world, his life turns around and he becomes a powerful man himself.


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