New threads for New Year

Check out how the fashion scene will unravel new designs and colours to keep fashionistas trendy all through 2017

 If fashion inspires you, the New Year promises to up the ante up with a host of new wearable fashion. With designs and cuts that are both vibrant and artful, designers have found a perfect middle ground to cater to fashion lovers who have developed a sartorial sense. It is easily adaptable in this part of the world, where fashion is rarely, if ever, over the top.

Stripes are in

It’s the year for super stripes. Although it has been around for the last few seasons, stripes in 2017 are expected to rock any look. Presented in bold and bright textures, the stripes are designed to inject an element of energy in all that they survey. And, if you love colour, you would love this trend, which is set to incorporate all shades of the rainbow.




Flare up

Get on the retro wagon as fashion gets on a repeat mode, making the popular bell-bottom pants of 70s popular again. Wide bottomed pants are gearing to add fun into fashion in the New Year. But there is no reason to dispense your skinny pants – not yet…



Floral vibes

There is something about flowers that engage your attention, whether they are on a plant or on clothes. Its fresh appeal is pervasive. Designers have incorporated garden themes in clothes that are set to rule the 2017 fashion scene. Fresh blooming flowers are making their presence felt in skirts, jumpsuits and even sleeves.




Bell sleeves

Give the cold shoulders of 2016 a mild shove. It’s the season of bell sleeves in dramatic cuts. Colours bright and subtle are all in the run to make fashion statements this New Year.






High neck

Take the neckline up this 2017. For designers have ensured that the necklines go higher up, whether you are wearing a shirt or a dress.






Pantsuit style

There is an element of timelessness about a pantsuit that has been worked into chic items of fashion by designers. Although it has a very corporate look about it, many designers have created fashion lines that project an element of fun and playfulness in it. Another option to get a pantsuit affair right is to simply match the top and bottom so that it can be worn in the office or at a party.







Pyjama dress    


Pyjama dress will continue its hold on the fashion circuit as it runs into the New Year. The stress will be on comfy pyjama dresses that can easily maintain its allegiance to both day and night; whether you want to have a dressed up look or dressed down.





Sheer look

Sheer fabric does seem bold and scandalous if it’s revealing, but if the item is designed creatively with floral embroidery and even beads acting as a cover, you could rock the style with grace. Designers have used it as lace trim, puffy sleeves and pleated skirt to give it an acceptable flavour.





Calf length

It’s all about non-controversial styles, whether the item of clothing is sheer or a mid calf dress. Longer hemlines have become modern and have taken on a casual ambience, shedding their conservative look and the very formal approach. And if the cut is tight and straight, the appeal is more sensual.





Ruffles and laces


Get frilly in 2017. Big frills are expected to become a rage. But if you prefer to sport a toned down look, the options are aplenty with styles that are sleek and feminine.





Fur touch

As winter continues to spread its pleasant charm, fur intends to rule the fashion circuit with more bolder colours in lieu of its typical neutral shades. Fur, say fashionistas, offers just the right amount of flamboyance.





Pin it

It’s the season of pins and patches to get the fun and youthful look. Use these as accessories to adorn your outfit.






Tied up

Fancy laces and ribbons are becoming designer items in creating innovative styles. They are pretty ties that can be used around the sleeves, waist and even dresses.



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