Oman Avenues Mall wraps up ‘Grand Celebrations’

OAM wraps up fun-filled ‘Grand Celebrations’ campaign

Oman Avenues Mall has brought to a close its 2nd Year Anniversary Grand Celebrations, which included five weekends’ worth of fun-filled performances by internationally-renowned theatre artists. Oman Avenues Mall also marked the end of the campaign with their grand prize giveaway of a brand new Lexus RX350 to the lucky Grand Celebrations shopper, Viann Maria, a Muscat resident. During the five Grand Celebrations weekends, mall visitors were entertained with delightful performances by Otto il Bassotto’s ‘Rubber Head’ show; Luigi Ciotaa’s ‘Sweet Dreams’ show; and a charming portrayal of the legendary actor, Charlie Chaplin, in ‘Diego: The Chaplin Show’.


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