Get set for a spectacular footrace across the desert, covering 165 kilometres along the highest dunes and the most remote and untouched sands

From the oasis of Bidiyah to the Arabian Sea…

That’s the course the Oman Desert Marathon will follow, as 150 runners from 16 different countries partake in this unique adventure, from 17 to 25 November.

Described as the most uncompromising and merciless footrace on the planet, the marathon will cover 165kms, over six days, requiring each runner to be completely self-sufficient. The runners will embody the essence and essential part of a real ‘desert experience’.

The six stages of the race will take the runners through miles of astonishing shapes and sizes of sand dunes, palm groves, hamlets and villages. They will pass semi-nomadic tribes who still follow the Silk Route through the Oman Desert, wildlife and stunning sunsets and finish the race with an explosion of emotion when they arrive at the shores of the Arabian Sea. There is a night stage when the runners will be inspired by the silence, solitude and mysticism of the desert, illuminated only by the twinkling of millions of stars.

Self Sufficiency

All runners are completely self-sufficient, requiring them to carry all of their own equipment, except for water, which is provided at checkpoints at approximately every 10km intervals. Carrying all they need for five days is an enormous challenge, more so than running 165km, and this is fundamental to the experience of the authentic desert life.


The Oman Desert Marathon offers maximum safety and personal attention to all runners, by monitoring the runners and the race from vantage points that will not interfere with the sense of vastness and loneliness of the desert, but making sure that nobody gets lost and that everybody can call or be spotted for help promptly. The race is organised by an Omani team, with the full support of the Government and the local communities, making the runners will feel safe and welcome throughout this odyssey.

Course Design

The Oman Desert Marathon course is designed to embrace the desert experience. Six stages of 21kms, 25kms, 28kms, 29kms, 42kms and 20kms take the runners into the Oman Desert with a variety of landscapes and sand conditions, giving the runner a complete desert experience, including a night stage that will take the runners through the magic of the desert illuminated by the stars, from the desert to the beautiful beaches of the Arabian Sea.

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