Party Centrepiece

Party Centrepiece

Whether you are having a formal sit-down dinner/lunch or a casual do with friends and family, make your centrepiece the talking point of your party. Check out these centrepiece ideas to get you started…

Candles, candles and more candles

Create your candle centrepiece by placing as many votive candles as possible in a line, in a rectangular, possibly red coloured, serving dish. Place dark red cherries, which are available at this time of the year in the supermarkets, around the candles to add to the glow of the flame and the red of the dish.

Floating flowers

Use one of your wide-rimmed bowls to create this centrepiece. Fill it with water, half way through and arrange colourful flowers in it. Alternately, you could have gel candles floating in the bowl.

Party CentrepieceColoured balls

Get hold of the Christmas decoration balls to adorn your table. Fill a silver bowl with the brightly coloured balls and place this bowl on a cake stand. Add to the stand some holly and greens to create the mood.

Silver treats

Make a centrepiece from foil-wrapped treats that you could pick from any supermarket. Place them in a vase which has a large base to add to the look. Alternately, you could fill a miniature metal bucket with sand and stick in it colourful pinwheel lollipops.

Party CentrepieceLeaf touch

Trimmings from your garden ferns or stems from the local flower shop could help you put this centrepiece together. Put these items in a tall glass bottle or a jar and let it spread the freshness around the table. For another take on this centrepiece, use moss – you could buy it online or find it at florists – as the base and place rocky pebbles or some piece of wood on it. Insert little clippings of fern or small potted plants in it.

Wooden holder

The little wooden crates in which fruits are often sold in wholesale market can act as your quaint little flower container for the centrepiece. Fill it with big blossomed flowers and let the colour seep into every part of your home.

Lime and lemony

Pull out your clear glass bowl and pack it with limes, lemons and oranges in green and yellow colours for a citrus affair.

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