Party in Fashion

Party in Fashion

Forget trends and the fashion dictates; rock this party season in clothes that define your style quotient

Whether you are receptive to the fashion mores or not, here is a quick party night guide to help you get in the mood of the season and help you choose outfits designed to accentuate your look and style.

Party in FashionJumpsuit it

As the jumpsuit continues to hold its grip on the fashion circuit, you could consider one for the upcoming party. Jumpsuits are elegant and equally comfortable, making it an ideal wear for the casual do or even a formal party. While the casual jumpsuit could be a simple printed affair, a formal one could range from the classy cold shoulder and one-shoulder outfit to the faux dress or the lacy romper.

Party in FashionPop of gold

You could make the loudest or the most subtle party statement with gold outfit…depending on how you carry it. The colour gold is extravagant in its presentation and is perfect for most formal dos. You could go for a gold gown or a dress, depending on what appeals your style sense. But, if you are looking to temper the gold look, find a combination – whether in accessories or some part of the outfit – to give gold another twist.



Black is beautiful

The reference is not to the quintessential LBD. Black, for obvious reasons, has become a mainstay for formal evening. You could opt for various combinations and permutations of the colour to fit your style. It is a very flexible colour in the fashion scheme. If you have a black jacket handy, you could wear it with any short skirt or, alternately, combine a plain black top with any skirt/pant.

Party in FashionDress and tell

There is something very chic about a party dress. The tunic variety, which has held the fancy of most fashionistas, is just what will set you up for this season’s parties. Check out dresses in lacy avatars too; they can give you all the style you want. Another option to consider in the dress counter is the asymmetrical hemmed ones that have found a foothold in the trend list.



Party in FashionThe casual touch

While jeans have a casual air about them, they can also create a flurry of formality when accompanied by a dressy blouse and accessories that have chic labelled on them. But if it is an all-out casual party, you could top your jeans with a sweatshirt and go with contrasting accessories to look special.


Party in FashionSequined and ready

Like gold, sequins have that party look that comes through even when they are presented as a part of an embroidery work. You could carry a wear a sequinned jacket and make your fashion statement at the party night. With sequins, you have the choice of colours too. All that you need to ensure is that the sequins don’t look over the top.

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