Party Staples beyond Black

Party staples beyond Black

Party Season Is Here and It Is Time to Look Beyond Your LBD

We agree black is beautiful and is perfect to rock any formal do. But there is more to the regular LBD. This time around, nail the party season with a little twist to your regular black number. Check out the flashy sleeved ones that have become all the rage this year. The lacy affairs and fluted ones are certain to add oomph to your party look.

Beyond Black

Velvet is in this season and so is metallic. You could rock the party with a velvet skirt and a lacy blouse or a two-tone metallic outfit. It could easily become your chic ensemble for the daytime party. With the holiday season bringing in a deluge of parties, you will have several reasons to pick party wear for different times of the day.

Red is another no-fail party outfit. It is a flattering colour and can easily add glamour to your appearance. Pair it with right footwear – may be boots – and you are ready to go. Remember, party dressing is also about complementing your outfit with eye-grabbing footwear and a clutch or even an iconic bag. Make the accessories look festive, whether it is a regular office party, a formal festive banquet or a casual get-together.


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