Photography Exhibition – ‘Lens Around The World’

Photography Exhibition - ‘Lens Around The World’

Bait Al Zubair Foundation will be hosting a photography exhibition titled ‘Lens Around the World’, featuring works of photographers Younis Hassan Ali and Abdullah Mohammed Jaffer on Tuesday, 16th January 2018. The exhibition will continue till the end of January 2018.

Abdullah Jaffar started photography as his hobby 10 years ago. Experiencing diverse cultures and backgrounds from his early age living abroad is what sparked Abdulla’s passion to travel and explore.

As a way of sharing his travelling experiences, he embarked into his photography journey. Ever since, he has developed a particular affinity for landscape, street and architecture photography. Abdullah has had the opportunity to discover several continents such as North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. He differentiates himself from other photographers by capturing unique perspectives of objects and landscapes.

Younis Hassan is a Muscat-based nature and landscape amateur photographer. His interest in photography emerged at a young age when his father gifted him with his first professional camera and provided him with continuous support, inspiration and the belief that his journey as a photographer could be a great one.
Younis’s first muse was Oman’s diverse topography and beautiful scenery. He has since captured the beauty of different continents including Antarctica, South America, Africa and Southern parts of Asia. Through every picture, Younis attempts to capture a story.

Both photographers share in common their love for travel and exploration; aiming to express their passion through their lenses. Their concept shows places within the world, sometimes vast and unending, but other times microscopic. The goal of the concept is not only to capture the presence of nature, but to also focus on man-made wonders and disturbances of landscapes.

Despite the variances in their photographic style, they have a common love for creatively exploring nature via photography. They have embarked on several journeys together to capture beauty.

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