Plastic Fashion

Aqua taught us that life in plastic is fantastic, but they went on to be nothing more than one hit wonders… so, naturally, the statement never found its place in fashion.

Now, 6 years after their commercially unsuccessful but musically incredible comeback album (Megalomania), plastic fashion is fantastic! The latest trend is plastic! Kanye introduced them last year with his shoe line and this season all the big names seem to have jumped on the bandwagon.

Chanel stood out because not only was the plastic used for shoes and accessories but other classic pieces were re-imagined in plastic. Kenzo introduces plastic in dark tones while Valentino frosted their pieces in sequins!

Balenciaga also did the trend but seemed to miss the mark. While their previous collection introduced bags that were a perfect imitation of the IKEA shopping bags (with a 2500 percent mark up) their new shirts look like they are made out of the exact material. Yes, it’s as bad as it sounds; oh, and they are oversized.

What about you, would you invest in plastic fashion? I hear it’s perfect for the Omani summer.


Ale Al Zadjali is a 23 year-old award-winning fashion designer; he is the brain behind the ‘Esque By Ale’ line of clothing.


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