Quick-fix slimming pills?

Don’t fall prey to quick fix weight remedies, warn researchers who found that slimming pills bought online are ‘potentially dangerous’ and can cause serious health problems. In a survey of 1,800 people on slimming aids, the researchers found that most had bought their pills online without seeking advice from their GP. The side-effects from such quick fix remedies were found to include heart problems, blurred vision and diarrhoea. The study also found that some pills contain banned ingredients.

Long term negative effects from disordered eating  

A recently concluded study has found that disordered eating among young adults has long-term effects on their health. Health - Eating DisorderThe study, which focused on 24-year-old women and men, learnt that disordered eating was an indicator of higher body weight, larger waist circumference and lower psychological well-being, as well as a lower self-evaluation of general health – at age 24 and even ten years later. Eating is said to be disordered when a person makes random decisions about being hungry or full, regardless of how they are feeling; it also applies to people who weighs themselves constantly or drink non-caloric drinks to keep from feeling hungry. Meticulous planning of each meal long into the future; counting calories and weighing foods; following an excessively strict diet or cutting certain foods from diet for health or ethical reasons, when the real motivation is weight loss are also classified as disordered eating.

Depression in family

According to a new study, having a father with depression might put teens at a heightened risk for the mental health problem. Health - DepressionWhile previous research had linked depression in mothers and in their children, this study found such an association between fathers and their children, whether the mother has depression or not. The study hopes the findings would help reduce depression later in life, as the rate of depression is said to rise sharply at the start of adolescence. The mental health of both parents should be a priority for preventing depression among adolescents, say researchers.

Do not shame overweight kids

Health - Overweight KidShaming might only make things worse… For a group of paediatricians has found that overweight kids who are shamed or stigmatised are more likely to binge eat or isolate themselves than make any attempt to lose weight. Generally, people tend to think that by shaming an overweight person or child they can help motivate them to make healthy changes in their lives. On the contrary, it could worsen the situation by making children less likely to be physically active or to seek health care; it may also lead to binge eating and social isolation.

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