The Colour Red

The Colour Red

As the world braces up for the upcoming Valentine’s Day and the inevitable overdose of the colour red in clothes, cards and irresistible roses, here is a quick take from Sophia Raman on the ways and whys of wearing the eternal shade of love

How much red is too much? There is no such thing as too much red…?

Yes and No.

Yes, you will be doing justice to the colour that is equated with love and all things grand if you, say, opt for a  red bodycon dress or slip into bold red stilettos or wear blood red lipstick and carry a red velvet clutch.

But it is a definite ‘no’, if you plan on wearing all of them together. For, there is something called contrast in fashion that demands an eye for balance with colours, designs or patterns that complement. The best way to wear red is to pair it with neutral shades and enhance its appeal.

Red is the most vibrant in the family of colours and, Valentine’s Day or no, can easily add panache to your appearance. But if red is not on the top of your list of favourites, it is time to make peace and pay your tribute to the colour with the shade that best suits your personality. Red comes in several avatars – some reds have a universal appeal about them, while the bright ones are picky about who they will add their charm to. From cherry red and rose red to blood red and berry, red is a striking colour, packed with energy and passion. Find your red!

About Sophia

A self professed lifestyle guru, Sophia Raman has honed her expertise for beauty and fashion with a natural flair for all things chic and a distinctive style quotient. She is a sophisticated socialite who brings her love for fashion, style and travel to this column. 


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