Smart Bandage for faster Healing

Make way for smart bandage, which can heal better and faster. Researchers from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Harvard Medical School and MIT have designed a smart bandage that could eventually heal chronic wounds and even battlefield injuries. The bandage consists of electrically conductive fibres coated in a gel, which can be individually loaded with infection-fighting antibiotics, tissue-regenerating growth factors, painkillers or other medications. The postage stamp size microcontroller, which could be activated by a Smartphone or other wireless device, will send small amounts of voltage through a chosen fibre to heat the fibre and its hydrogel, releasing the medication it contains.


Battery based on sodium

With global warming making a move towards renewable solar and wind energy a necessity, industrial observers are predicting a growing need for battery farms to store power and provide electricity – at viable prices. It has already been established that battery based on sodium may offer more cost-effective storage than lithium and now researchers in Stanford have developed a sodium-based battery (based on a compound related to table salt) that can store the same amount of energy as a state-of-the-art lithium ion. Researchers believe their approach has the price and performance characteristics to create a sodium ion battery costing less than 80 percent of a lithium ion battery with the same storage capacity.


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